Aspose.Font for Java 21.4 Release Notes

This release of Aspose.Font for Java API provides the capability to edit font names for TTF/OTF fonts. In addition, you can now save TTF fonts after editing. WOFF/WOFF2 formats have been added. TTF and WOFF conversion option has been implemented. WOFF2 converting and saving support has been added. SHA-256 license type has been supported. Specific functionality for working with glyphs has been added. Several issues have been fixed, resulting in a more stable font processing functionality. Some bugs have been fixed.

Key Summary Category
FONTNET-107 Saving functionality for fonts of TTF format New Feature
FONTNET-124 Ability editing font names New Feature
FONTNET-105 Improvement API reference documentation Enhancement
FONTNET-115 Basic structures for TTF font editing Enhancement
FONTNET-76 Problem with font replacement Bug
FONTNET-99 Recovering saving functionality for Type 1 and CFF fonts Bug
FONTNET-108 Incorrect encodings are used for font names when TTF font is saves Bug
FONTNET-119 Fixing the font saving functionality Bug
FONTNET-147 Public API for conversion functionality has been expanded New Feature
FONTNET-152 TTF converter has been developed New Feature
FONTNET-159 Conversion for Type1 format has been developed New Feature
FONTNET-161 Support WOFF format reading New Feature
FONTNET-153 Fix bug occurred with notDef glyph mapping Bug
FONTNET-156 Fix bug related with adding of PostScript names into font ‘name’ table Bug
FONTNET-169 Wrong format file created when TrueType font convert to WOFF Bug
FONTNET-191 Support for reading WOFF2 format New Feature
FONTNET-186 Redesign functionality for reading WOFF/WOFF2 formats Enhancement
FONTNET-189 Extend the compress/decompress functionality Enhancement
FONTNET-185 Combining characters from different fonts New Feature
FONTNET-192 Support for converting to WOFF2 format New Feature
FONTNET-213 Support for TTC fonts New Feature
FONTNET-211 Support SHA-256 Licenses Enhancement
FONTNET-181 Incorrect data in loca table after it was restored from WOFF2 file Bug
FONTNET-229 Problems with loca table byte content in saved WOFF2 files Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

  • Method com.aspose.font.CffFont.convert(com.aspose.font.FontType)
  • Method com.aspose.font.Font.saveToFormat(,com.aspose.font.FontSavingFormats)
  • Method com.aspose.font.convert(com.aspose.font.FontType)
  • Enumeration com.aspose.font.FontSavingFormats
  • Enumeration member com.aspose.font.FontSavingFormats.TTF
  • Enumeration member com.aspose.font.FontSavingFormats.WOFF
  • Enumeration member com.aspose.font.FontSavingFormats.WOFF2
  • com.aspose.font.FontSavingFormats.valueOf(java.lang.String)
  • com.aspose.font.FontSavingFormats.values
  • Method com.aspose.font.IFont.convert(com.aspose.font.FontType)
  • Method com.aspose.font.IFontSaver.saveToFormat(,com.aspose.font.FontSavingFormats)
  • Method com.aspose.font.TtfFont.convert(com.aspose.font.FontType)
  • Method com.aspose.font.Type1Font.convert(com.aspose.font.FontType)
  • Class com.aspose.font.WoffFormatException
  • Constructor com.aspose.font.WoffFormatException
  • Constructor com.aspose.font.WoffFormatException(java.lang.String)
  • Constructor com.aspose.font.WoffFormatException(java.lang.String,java.lang.RuntimeException)
  • Class com.aspose.font.HelpersFactory
  • Method com.aspose.font.HelpersFactory.getFontCharactersMerger(com.aspose.font.TtfFont,com.aspose.font.TtfFont)
  • Interface com.aspose.font.IFontCharactersMerger
  • Method com.aspose.font.IFontCharactersMerger.mergeFonts(com.aspose.font.GlyphId[],com.aspose.font.GlyphId[],java.lang.String)
  • Method com.aspose.font.IFontCharactersMerger.mergeFonts(long[],long[],java.lang.String)
  • Method com.aspose.font.IFontCharactersMerger.mergeFonts(java.util.Map,java.util.Map,java.lang.String)

Renamed APIs

  • Method com.aspose.font.GlyphStringId.getNotDef -> com.aspose.font.GlyphStringId.getNotDefId
  • Method com.aspose.font.GlyphUInt32Id.getNotDef -> com.aspose.font.GlyphUInt32Id.getNotDefId
  • Class com.aspose.font.TtfCMapTable.TtfCmapSubtableDescription -> com.aspose.font.TtfCMapTable.TtfCMapSubtableDescription

Got Queries?

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