Working with CFF Fonts | API Solution for Java

As it goes from the article about font formats, Compact Font Format (CFF) is not considered to be a format but rather a way to compress other font formats. It gives OpenType fonts the opportunity to benefit from both the compactness of CFF and the scalability of TrueType, and that is why Type 1 fonts were mostly replaced by CFF.

It was created as a compact representation of PostScript fonts and has the next characteristics like outlines and hints, subroutines, charstring encoding, and OpenType integration.

Aspose.Font for Java API lets you work with CFF fonts in your Java applications. Here is the functionality that is already covered by Documentation:

The functionality for working with CFF fonts within Aspose.Font API for Java is covered with the classes of the root com.aspose.font package. They are CffEncoding, CffFont, CffFontException, CffFontMetrics, and CffParsingException.

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