Work with TrueType and OpenType Fonts| Java

TTF is a very popular format and is supported by most operating systems and software. It is versatile, scalable, and has support for various character sets which makes it a great choice for both screen and print projects.

True Type fonts can offer you the benefits like scalability, wide collections of glyphs, Unicode support, hinting, and embeddability along with various character sets, including ASCII, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and many others.

OTF or OpenType is an extension of the TrueType font format, that keeps the structure of TTF but gains new features like support for advanced typography and multilingual text.

Aspose.Font API Solution lets you work with TrueType and OpenType fonts in your Java-based products. In this chapter, you can learn how to:

The functionality for working with CFF fonts within Aspose.Font API for Java is covered with the classes of the root com.aspose.font package. They are TtfEncoding, TtfFont, TtfFontException, TtfFontMetrics, TtfParsingException, and various classes to represent tables of TTF files like TtfCffTable class.

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