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Aspose.Font is a .NET font loading and drawing library. It supports multiple font formats such as TrueType (with TrueType collections), CFF, OpenType, and Type1. The API provides rich functionality to load, save, and convert fonts and provide information about its data structures along with any glyph that is supported by all the font types. It also provides encoding information for all the font types which represents a mapping between character codes and glyph identifiers. Its rendering subsystem helps end-users to render any desired glyph or text. Special glyphs can be rendered by implementing interfaces using simple graphics functionality (move point, draw line, curve).

Here you will find all the necessary information, so you can start working with the Aspose.Font solution.

Structure of Aspose.Font for .NET documentation

The documentation is divided into sections that will provide you with the following information:

What is font? This folder holds a collection of articles that will help you get to know the basic topics about fonts. Here you will build up the glossary and grasp the relations between the objects and terms you will further need in font manipulations.

Getting Started. Will give you such information as the product overview, information about font formats supported, information about the features provided, system requirements, licensing, and so on.

Developer Guide. There are articles describing the main entities of Aspose.Font for .NET in this section. As an example, the article will introduce the classes hierarchy of the solution to you.

How to load fonts? The font manipulation process starts with loading a font to further use in your project. This article gives you a clear understanding of how to load the font. Depicted in code snippets examples will make the programming process much easier for you.

Font converter. Aspose.Font for .NET gives you a tool for font conversion. Articles that cover all the fundamentals along with the code examples of font conversion are represented in this folder.

Release Notes. The section will give you the calendar of all the releases fulfilled for the Aspose.Font for .NET product. Here you will find changes, features and fixes added to the solution.

Aspose.Font for .NET Resources

You may find useful the following links on the resources of the solution.

Also, see, follow and contribute to our GitHub page.

Aspose.Font also has free online applications in its ecosystem. They will give you some functionality of font manipulation. For example, you can convert one font format to another online and for free using our Font converter.

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