Working with Point Geometry

Create Point

Creating a geospatial point using the API is simple and easy as shown in the following code sample.

Create MultiPoint

Aspose.GIS for .NET provides the facility to represent a collection of points as a single MultiPoint class. It can contain one or more Points defined by lat-long information of each Point.

Working with Line String

You can create a Line String specifying Point Geometries.

Create a Line String

Create a MultiLine String

A MultiLine string is a collection of Line Strings that itself are built from Point geometries. 

Working with Polygon Geometry

A Polygon is a collection of Point geometries which is defined by Points in the form LinearRing.

Create Polygon

Create MultiPolygon

Create Polygon with Hole

Create Geometry Collection

Iterate Over Geometries in Geometry

Iterate Over Points In Geometry

Get Geometry Type

Count Geometries In Geometry

Count Points In Geometry

Set Spatial Reference System for Geometry