Features List – Aspose.HTML for Java

The following table summarizes the features available in Aspose.HTML for Java API.

Aspose.HTML for Java Features

Aspose.HTML is a programming API that allows developers to create HTML documents, open existing, manipulate, navigate through, and convert HTML, XHTML, SVG, EPUB, MHTML, and MD documents to the various supported output formats. Aspose.HTML implements W3C HTML specification, so its classes and properties have similar names that come from the specifications.

This API mimics the behavior of a headless browser and offers following features.


The URL object is based on Java Framework implementation according to w3c URL specification. The difference between Framework and w3c is an order of constructor parameters

General Features

Supported HTML versions

Aspose.HTML for Java supports HTML and XHTML.

Namespaces structure in API




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