CSS Extensions

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Historically, browser vendors use the prefixes for nonstandard CSS features. Following the list of the major browsers prefixes:

  • -webkit- (Chrome, Safari, newer versions of Opera, almost all iOS browsers (including Firefox for iOS); basically, any WebKit based browser)
  • -moz- (Firefox)
  • -o- (Old, pre-WebKit, versions of Opera)
  • -ms- (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge)

The prefix that is used by Aspose.HTML library looks like -aspose- and gives you some experimental features. Following is a list of CSS functions that can be enabled by using -aspose- prefix:

Name Description
currentPageNumber This function returns the number of the current rendering page.
totalPagesNumber This function returns the number of the total pages in the document.
The next code snippet demonstrates how to use CSS extensions to create custom marks on document margins: