Fine-Tuning Converters | C#

A Few Ways to Convert HTML in C#

You can convert HTML to various popular formats in any way – online or programmatically. Converting from HTML to other formats can perform by using the ConvertHTML() methods of the Converter class, the RenderTo() method of the HTMLDocument class, or the Render() method of the Renderer class.

Why Use Fine-Tuning Converters?

In Fine-Tuning Converters chapter, Aspose.HTML provides alternative ways to render HTML documents that can give you more control over the rendering process in your C# application. Our C# library implements a set of rendering devices – PdfDevice, XpsDevice, DocDevice, and ImageDevice. Each has its unique set of options implemented with classes PdfRenderingOptions, XpsRenderingOptions, DocRenderingOptions, and ImageRenderingOptions, respectively. For example, you can change the page size, configure margins and colors, reduce the file size by adjusting image quality and resolution, set a security password in case of a PDF device, etc.

The current section describes supported scenarios of HTML-based files conversions to other popular formats by using the RenderTo() method of the HTMLDocument class and the Render() method of the Renderer class:

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