Installation - Aspose.HTML for .NET

Installing Aspose.HTML for .NET through NuGet

NuGet is a free, open source developer-focused package management system for the .NET platform intent on simplifying the process of incorporating third party libraries into a .NET application during development. It is a Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to add, remove, and update libraries and tools in Visual Studio projects that use the .NET Framework. A library or tool can easily be shared with other developers by creating a NuGet package and storing it inside a NuGet repository. When you install the package, NuGet copies files to your solution and automatically makes the necessary changes, such as adding references and changing your app.config or web.config files. If you decide to remove the library, NuGet removes files and reverses whatever changes it made to your project so that no clutter is left.

Using the NuGet Package Manager GUI

Follow these steps to reference the Aspose.HTML for .NET component using the NuGet package manager GUI:

Using the Package Manager Console

You can follow the steps below to reference the Aspose.HTML for .NET component using the package manager console:

In the package manager console, you can also use the command “Update-Package Aspose.HTML” to check for any updates to the Aspose.HTML for .NET package and install them if present. You can also add the “-prerelease” suffix to update to the latest release including hot fixes.

Installing Aspose.HTML for .NET through MSI

These steps describe how to install Aspose.HTML for .NET using MSI:

  1. Download Aspose.HTML.msi from the downloads section.
  2. Doble-click the downloaded file. The setup wizard shall start. Follow the setup wizard instructions. When the setup wizard shall finish the installation, the required files shall be available in the folder at the provided folder path.
  3. Open your solution/project in Visual Studio.
  4. Right-click on your project in solution explorer and add the reference to the installed assemblies.
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