How-to Articles | HTML questions in C# examples

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Welcome to the “How-to Articles” chapter. The articles in this chapter answer popular questions about how to work with HTML files. In addition, the articles contain C# examples that provide the necessary information about using the Aspose.HTML class library to solve specific tasks.

This section is in progress and currently, the following topics are available:

  • How to change text color? In this article, you will learn how to change color for text in paragraph, headers, etc. using Aspose.HTML class library.

  • How to change background color? In this article, you will explore how to change background color for text in paragraphs, headers, or entire pages using Aspose.HTML class library.

  • How to change border color? This article gives you information and C# examples on how to add or change border color for your text in HTML file. Here you learn different ways to make your HTML texts look good.

  • How to use CSS Selector - QuerySelector() and QuerySelectorAll() In this article, discover how to effectively apply selectors to select the elements you want to style. QuerySelector() and QuerySelectorAll() are methods that are used to query DOM elements that match a CSS selector. You can select elements by class, id or name, or any complex CSS selector.

  • How to use XPath Query in HTML - Evaluate() method This article introduces how to use Evaluate() method to navigate through an HTML document and select nodes by various criteria. You will learn with C# examples, how to select all Nodes with specified Name using XPath query.

  • How To Use XPath To Select XML Nodes You will learn how to navigate through an XML document and select nodes using XPath. The article considers a ะก# example of selecting the required information from an XML file using XPath queries.

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