Aspose.HTML for .NET 22.3 Release Notes

As per regular monthly update process of all APIs being offered by Aspose, we are honored to announce the March release of Aspose.HTML for .NET.

In this release we made many bug fixes and improvements, here are some of them:

  • Fixed the issue with splitting elements with display type ‘float’ when paginating.
  • Improved algorithm for loading ‘img’ elements via network requests.
  • Fixed font handling for capital letters.
  • Improved algorithm for drawing empty table rows.

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
HTMLNET-3245 HTML to PDF - NullPointerException Bug
HTMLNET-3620 System.OverflowException is thrown after HTML to PDF conversion Bug
HTMLNET-3677 Null Reference Exception for ‘img’ src attribute with value ‘cid:’ Bug
HTMLNET-3678 HTML to PNG - freeze and memory increase Bug
HTMLNET-3687 HTML to PNG - Capital letters became small Bug
HTMLNET-3700 HTML to PNG - ArgumentException : Incompatible unit types Bug