Save File from URL – C# Example

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In this article, you will see a C# example that you can use to save a file from URL. When you download file from URL, you have the ability to access, share, save, and use the file from the Web for various purposes depending on your needs. There are a few reasons why you would want to save files:

How to Save File from URL

In order to save file from URL, you need to know its URL and have a network operations handler suitable for its protocol. Aspose.HTML for .NET library provides you with convenient functionality for processing URLs with different kinds of protocols. In order to use it, you just need to create an empty HTML document and call the network request handler, as shown in the following C# example:

  1. Use the HTMLDocument() constructor to create a blank document.
  2. Create a URL with the path to the resource you want to save.
  3. Use the RequestMessage(url) constructor to create a new instance of the RequestMessage class, which represents an HTTP request message. The url parameter is passed to the constructor, specifying the URL to which the request will be sent.
  4. Use the Context.Network.Send(request) method to send the request. The response is checked to ensure it was successful.
  5. Finally, if the response was successful, use the File.WriteAllBytes() method to save files to a local file system.

Let’s look at how to save file from URL using the Aspose.HTML C# library:

 1using Aspose.Html;
 2using Aspose.Html.Net;
 3using System.IO;
 4using System.Linq;
 6    // Create a blank document; it is required to access the network operations functionality
 7    using var document = new HTMLDocument();
 9    // Create a URL with the path to the resource you want to save
10    var url = new Url("");
12    // Create a file request message
13    using var request = new RequestMessage(url);
15    // Extract file from URL
16    using var response = document.Context.Network.Send(request);
18    // Check whether response is successful
19    if (response.IsSuccess)
20    {
21        // Save file to a local file system
22        File.WriteAllBytes(Path.Combine(OutputDir, url.Pathname.Split('/').Last()), response.Content.ReadAsByteArray());
23    }

You can download files from URLs using complete C# examples from GitHub.

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