Aspose.Note for Java Release Notes

Dear Customers, We are pleased to announce the launch of Aspose.Note for Java. It enables developers to modify, convert, render, print, and extract text and images from Microsoft OneNote® files without any required libraries or Microsoft Office® to be installed on the server.

The following list outlines key areas of working with Microsoft OneNote ® files using the API.

Supported Features:

  • Loading,Saving and Converting o Converting OneNote document to PDF o Converting OneNote to image o Increase performance for consequentExport operations o Saving OneNote document to stream ·
  • Working with OneNote Document o Aspose.Note Document object model o Extract OneNote content using DocumentVisitor
  • Working with Pages o Get all revisions of a specific page o Get information of each page from the OneNote document o Get number of pages from the
  • OneNote document o Insert Root and Sub-Level pages to OneNote and save as PDF·
  • Working with Images o Adding image to a OneNote document o Extract Images from a OneNote document o Get Information of each image from the OneNote document ·
  • Working with Hyperlinks o Adding a hyperlink to OneNote document ·
  • Working with Text o Apply bullets on the text o Apply numbering on the text o Extract text from OneNote Document o Insert Chinese number in the
  • list o Replace text in pages of a OneNote document o Retrieving bullet or number list properties ·
  • Working with Tables o Extracting plain text from the table of OneNote document.
  • Working with Attachments o Retrieve attached files from a OneNote document.
  • Working with Tags o Get Note Tag details from a OneNote document o Tag Important Note in the OneNote document·
  • Working with Tasks o Get Outlook Task details from a OneNote document ·
  • Working with Text Styles o Change the font color, Size and Highlight all the text of Rich Text Node Product Documentation Our detailed online documentation makes it easy to get started with Aspose.Note for Java in no time.

You can also follow our online Programmer’s Guide to learn more about programming with Aspose.Note for Java. For your queries/inquiries, please feel free to contact our technical support team on Aspose.Note forum.