Aspose.Note for Java 22.7 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
NOTENET-2774 Fix invalid background color for Table Bug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

The following public types were removed: Description
Aspose.Note.TaskType Specifies the type of the note task node.
The following public constants were removed: Description
com.aspose.note.TaskType.DueToday Due today.
com.aspose.note.TaskType.DueTomorrow Due tomorrow.
com.aspose.note.TaskType.DueThisWeek Due this week.
com.aspose.note.TaskType.DueNextWeek Due next week.
com.aspose.note.TaskType.NoDueDate No due date.
com.aspose.note.TaskType.DueOnCustomDate Due on a custom date.
The following public methods were removed: Description
com.aspose.note.NoteTask.#ctor Initializes a new instance of the NoteTask class.
com.aspose.note.NoteTask.getTaskType Gets the task type.
com.aspose.note.NoteTask.setTaskType Sets the task type.
com.aspose.note.NoteTask.setIcon(int) Sets the icon.
com.aspose.note.CheckBox.setCompletedTime(java.util.Date) Sets the completed time.
com.aspose.note.CheckBox.setIcon(int) Sets the icon.
com.aspose.note.CheckBox.setStatus(int) Sets the status.
com.aspose.note.ITag.setCompletedTime(java.util.Date) Sets the completed time.
com.aspose.note.ITag.setIcon(int) Sets the icon.
com.aspose.note.ITag.setStatus(int) Sets the status.
com.aspose.note.NoteCheckBox.getActionItemType Sets the action item type.
com.aspose.note.NoteCheckBox.setActionItemType(int) Sets the action item type.
com.aspose.note.NoteCheckBox.setIcon(int) Sets the icon.
com.aspose.note.NoteTag.#ctor Initializes a new instance of the NoteTag class without icon.
com.aspose.note.NoteTag.getActionItemType Sets the action item type.
com.aspose.note.NoteTag.setActionItemType(int) Sets the action item type.
com.aspose.note.NoteTag.setCompletedTime(java.util.Date) Sets the completed time.
com.aspose.note.NoteTag.setStatus(int) Sets the status.