Aspose.Note for .NET 20.11 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Save the document as a grayscale image
  • Save the document as a black and white image

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
NOTENET-3060 Save the OneNote with color(Black & White,Greyscale and Color) New Feature
NOTENET-2953 Remove TableCell.IndentPosition/TableCellNode.OutlineElementChildLevel from public api Enhancement

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

The following public types were added: Description
Aspose.Note.Saving.BinarizationMethod Specifies binarization method for an image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ColorMode The color mode of the image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageBinarizationOptions Options for image’s binarization.
The following public properties were added: Description
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageBinarizationOptions.BinarizationThreshold Gets or sets threshold value for fixed threshold binarization method.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageBinarizationOptions.BinarizationMethod Gets or sets the binarization method.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageSaveOptions.ColorMode Gets or sets color mode for the output image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageSaveOptions.BinarizationOptions Gets or sets options for image’s binarization.
The following static public constants were added: Description
Aspose.Note.Saving.BinarizationMethod.FixedThreshold The image’s binarization is performed using specified fixed threshold.
Aspose.Note.Saving.BinarizationMethod.Otsu The image’s binarization is performed adaptively using Otsu’s method to evaluate threshold.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ColorMode.Normal Full color image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ColorMode.GrayScale Gray scale image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ColorMode.BlackAndWhite Binary image: only black and white colors are used.
Aspose.Note.Saving.Pdf.PdfImageCompression.None No compression is used when saving images.
The following public properties are removed: Description
Aspose.Note.TableCell.IndentPosition Gets or sets the indent position.