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Save OneNote to image format

Time to time it turns out to be useful to share just a small piece of gathered notes. One of the best options to accomplish this task is to save OneNote to image. Images can be published on any Web site without issues. Almost all devices platforms handles images with all required software preinstalled. So unlike exporting in native OneNote and PDF formats you can send a picture to anyone and be sure there are no problems to view it.

Microsoft OneNote desktop app can export to variety of formats but doesn’t provide an option to save to any image format. Aspose.Note fills this gap and supports export to Bmp, Png, Jpeg, TIFF, Gif formats as well as various color modes and binarization methods.

How does it work?

The save method exposed by the Aspose.Note API lets you save the document to various image formats. The following three overloaded members provide the option to save the document in image formats.

Basic samples of how to convert OneNote to image Convert OneNote to image in Various Color Modes

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