Working with different languages

Perform OCR Operation without specifying language

Aspose.OCR for C++ can recognize characters other than Latin. For the complete list of characters, please visit the following page.

Supported Characters

There is no difference in performing OCR operation on images containing text in languages other than English. The following code snippet demonstrates performing OCR operation on an image containing Spanish text.

Select Language for OCR Operation

Aspose.OCR for C++ provides the option to specify the language to increase the efficiency of the OCR operation. For this, the API provides the RecognitionSettings.language_alphabet property. You can pass the instance of the RecognitionSettings class to the page_settings method of the OCR class. The RecognitionSettings.language_alphabet property accepts the language enum as value. The language enum has the following members.

Member Language
None Multi-language support
Eng English
Deu German
Por Portuguese
Spa Spanish
Fra French
Ita Italian
Cze Czech
Dan Danish
Dum Dutch
Est Estonian
Fin Finnish
Lav Latvian
Lit Lithuanian
Nor Norwegian
Pol Polish
Rum Romanian
Srp_hrv Serbo-Croatian
Slk Slovak
Slv Slovene
Swe Swedish
Chi Chinese

The following code snippet demonstrates selecting language for OCR operation.