Get words coordinates

Get words coordinates

Aspose.OCR for Java provides the method to get the result as coordinates of the paragraphs, lines, words getTextAreas. For this, the API provides the enumAreasType.

Sample Code


	// For complete examples and data files, please go to
	// The path to the documents directory.
	String dataDir = Utils.getSharedDataDir(PerformOCROnPage.class);

	// The image path
	String imagePath = dataDir + "p3.png";

	// Initialize an instance of AsposeOcr
	 AsposeOCR api = new AsposeOCR();

        // Set license 
        // Get image file for recognize     
        String imgPath = p.txt";

		// Create api instance
        AsposeOCR api = new AsposeOCR();
	    // get words coordinates
        ArrayList<Rectangle> result = api.getTextAreas(imgPath, AreasType.WORDS, false);
		System.out.println("words amount: " + result.size());
		for(int i = 0; i < result.size(); i++){
    		 Rectangle rect = result.get(i);
    		 System.out.print("x: "+rect.x);
			 System.out.print(" y: "+rect.y);
			 System.out.print(" width: "+rect.width);
			 System.out.println(" height: "+rect.height);