Multithreading support in recognition

Multithreading support in recognition

Aspose.OCR for Java provides to option to specify threads count value to increase performance. For this, the API provides the RecognitionSettings.setThreadsCount property. You can pass the instance of the RecognitionSettings class to the RecognizePage method of the AsposeOCR class.

The following code snippet demonstrates the use of the setThreadsCount property provides custom number of threads. ThreadsCount by default equals customer processors number, but using setThreadsCount property can get better perfomance. You can customize it from 0. If you set the setThreadsCount as 0 (zero), this value will be calculated automatically and equal to the number of cores of your processor..

Sample Code


	// For complete examples and data files, please go to
	// The image path
	String imagePath = "0001460985.Jpeg";

	// case 1
	//Create api instance
	AsposeOCR api = new AsposeOCR();

	try {
	RecognitionSettings set = new RecognitionSettings();
		RecognitionResult result = api.RecognizePage(imagePath);
		System.out.println("File: " + imagePath);
		System.out.println("Result: " + result.recognitionText);
	} catch (IOException e) {