Aspose.OCR for .NET 16.12 - Release Notes

Aspose.OCR for .Net has been updated to version 16.12 and we are pleased to announce it. The following is a list of changes in this version of Aspose.OCR.

Key Summary Category
OCRNET-2956 Support Dynabic.Metered license for OMR New Feature
OCRNET-2953 Images distorted in preprocessing. Enhancement
OCRNET-2907 Fix filtering usage Enhancement
OCRNET-2979 Rename ExtractData method Enhancement

Usage Examples

Using Metering license in OMR

 OmrEngine omr = new OmrEngine(new OmrTemplate());

matered = new Metered();

matered.SetMeteredKey("publicKeyValue", "privateKeyValue");

//Test metered License flag

Assert.True(MeteredBillingService.GetMeteredState() == MeteredState.Paid);

decimal amountBefore = Metered.GetConsumptionQuantity();

string path = "sampleimage.png");

OmrImage omrImage = OmrImage.Load(path);

//Since upload data is running on another thread, so we need wait some time


decimal amountAfter = Metered.GetConsumptionQuantity();