Branded survey

In this example, we’ll show the source code for a customer satisfaction survey decorated with your logo.

Aspose logo

Used elements

  • checkbox
    Generate a list of answers with blank bubbles that can accommodate any kind of marks.
  • empty_line
    Add a vertical spacing between elements.
  • image
    Insert a picture.
  • Question
    Generate a question with a fixed number of answers.
  • text
    Add one or more lines of text to the form.

Source code

Adding images to a survey requires changes to both the application code and the template source.

Application code

You must add all images you mention in the template to the ImagesPaths parameter of the global page settings.

If the image file is named aspose-logo.png and is located in the same folder as the application exactable:

string appPath = Path.GetDirectoryName(typeof(Program).Assembly.Location);
GlobalPageSettings pageSettings = new GlobalPageSettings() {
	ImagesPaths = new string[] { Path.Combine(appPath, "aspose-logo.png") }
var result = engine.GenerateTemplate("source.txt", pageSettings);

Template source

?text=Customer Satisfaction Survey
#Considering your complete experience with us, how likely would you be to recommend
Aspose.OMR to a friend or colleague (a higher number means more likely)?
	(5) (4) (3) (2) (1)
#You are most satisfied with the following (select all that applies):
	() Product quality () Features () Ease of use
	() Customer support availability () Technical documentation
#How would you describe our product (select all that applies)?
	() Reliable () High quality () Unique () Useful
	() Value for money () User friendly () Complicated
#How often have you had any issues with our product/service?
	() Never () Rarely () Sometimes () Very often
#Are you considering evaluating other Aspose products?
	(Yes) Yes (No) No
?checkbox=I consent to the processing of the survey data:

Printable form

Printable form

Filled form

Filled form

Recognition results

Element Name,Value,
I consent to the processing of the survey data:,"Agree"