Working with XPS Document | Java

XPS extension is linked to the XML Paper Specification (XPS). The format is known as an open graphic format of the fixed based on XML layout.

XPS is a static Page description language as well as PDF. It uses vector inconsistent markup and supports multi stream work, encryption, and digital certificates. It does not support scripts so is considered to be safe.

XPS file is a ZIP archive that has next elemens: Fpages (pages of the file’s document), document parts, and a folder with relationships of the pages. The trick here is that an XPS file can be viewed by changing its extension to .zip and using any archiver software available on your device.

This chapter includes information about working with XPS files using Aspose.Page Java API solution for. There you will find the next articles with the code examples of how the functionality works.

To see an example of how the functionality can be used learn Aspose.Page Applications. There you will find XPS Converter, Viewer, Merger, and Signature application.

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