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Aspose.Page API solution has conversion functionality that can be added to your own app or software. This chapter has separate articles devoted to the conversion with the code examples, to make the integration process as easy as possible for you.

EPS Converters

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) — is file format created by Adobe Systems based on the PostScript language subset. It is aimed to exchange graphics data between different apps. EPS or abbreviated Encapsulated PostScript file is a PostScript language file that contains the description of only one page and is intended for embedding (encapsulating) one PostScript file into another one.

The file of the format can be opened by Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop (later versions), Inkscape and Gimp graphics editors. You can also see the content of the file with some web solutions like Aspose.Page Viewer. For many users it will be more comfortable to transform the file to a format they have some software to work with.

To see how it can be done programmatically with the help of our solution go and check the next articles:

PS Converters

Postscript Language is one of the Page Description Languages. It is similar to FORTH and to Lisp in the data structures. PS file is a file containing page(s) description written in PostScript language from Adobe. PostScript refers to dynamic PDLs that contain not only graphics primitive operators, but also procedures, control operators, and variables.

Postscript is aimed to be used in publishing systems. Before printing a PS file its content is interpreted by the special interpreter that gives printing commands.

PS files can be opened with the next famous software: ACD Systems, ACDSee (Windows), ACD Systems Canvas (Windows), Adobe Acrobat (Windows & Mac), Adobe Illustrator (Windows & Mac), Adobe Photoshop, and others. You can also view the content of PS files using the cross-platform Viewer application.

The other way of dealing with the content of the files is to transform them into a more popular format. With our solution, you can have the next options you can also integrate into your own solution:

XPS Converters

In short, XPS is an open graphic format of the fixed layout language. It is based on XML. The functionality of this format is targeted document flow as the files are smaller and simpler than PDF files.

XPS or abbreviated XML Paper Specification file represents a ZIP-compressed package of resources (images, fonts, etc) and XML-based files that reference these resources. Not that many programs can open an XPS file. Microsoft XPS Viewer (Windows Vista) and XPS Essentials Pack are the most popular among them. The other way to open such a document is by using online (XPS Viewer)[] which allows opening up to 4 pages of the original document. Another option to manage the content of XPS files is to get them to a more suitable format. In this case, you will open the file with the software you already have. The next conversions are supported by our solution:

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