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Welcome to the Aspose.Page for Python via .NET

Aspose.Page is a Python API is built to manipulate Page Description Language (PDL). Using the API you can convert XPS and EPS/PS documents to PDF and Images. Furthermore, you can create, edit and save existing as well as new XPS documents. It provides extensive manipulation capabilities and can be integrated with any kind of Desktop GUI Applications, Web Applications and Console Applications. 

Product Description

Aspose.Page is an API specifically crafted for handling XPS and EPS/PS documents. With this solution, you can seamlessly convert XPS and EPS/PS documents into PDF and various image file formats. Additionally, it empowers you to manipulate XPS documents by opening existing ones, creating new ones, and saving them either as files or streams.

Once you’ve instantiated a document (using the XpsDocument class), whether by opening an existing document or creating a new one, you get the ability to perform various operations like adding new pages to the end of the document or inserting them at specific positions within the page list. You can also remove pages and mark a specific page as “active,” enabling editing capabilities exclusively for that page.

It’s worth noting that pages can be created independently of any document binding initially. However, you have the flexibility to bind them to a document at any point. When a new document instance is created, the first page automatically becomes selected, ensuring seamless initiation of the document creation process.

Aspose.Page for Python via .NET can be used in Desktop GUI Applications, Web Applications and Console Applications etc. Like other products offered by Aspose, it comes with fully featured demos and working examples written in Python. In order to help developers and let them understand API quickly, all examples are hosted of  GitHub in a public repository.

Aspose.Page for Python is a powerful and lightweight API designed to swiftly and effectively convert XPS and EPS/PS files into various other file formats. It boasts robustness and efficiency, ensuring rapid conversion processes. It is multi-threaded safe, meaning that as long as only one thread is operating on a document at any given time, it can handle multiple threads working on different documents concurrently. This setup is ideal for scenarios where one thread is assigned to each document, allowing for seamless and safe parallel processing.

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