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Synchronizing Emails

  1. In Click on "Sync Settings" “Sync Settings” menu item on the "Aspose Tools" “Aspose Tools” ribbon to open the settings popup window. Enter the following information in this screen:
    • Enable Sync: check
    • Protocol: POP3
    • Mail server: (Your POP3 mail server address)
    • Port: 110 (POP3 port)
    • SSL: un-check
    • Leave on Server: check
    • Username: (specify complete email address)
    • Password: specify the password
    • Schedule: choose "Minutely" and "Every 5 minutes" “Minutely” and “Every 5 minutes” or whatever suits you

      The Sync Settings dialog set up to connect to a POP3 server.

  2. Click Click to test connection parameters to verify the connection.
    If there is anything wrong with the credentials or host address, an error message is displayed.
  3. Click Save to save the settings.

To start the synchronization immediately, click Sync Now on the Aspose Tools ribbon.