Aspose.PDF for CPP 20.5 Release Notes

This new version of Aspose.PDF for C++ has codebase of Aspose.PDF for .NET 20.5 and includes improvements such as:

  • System::Xml namespace implementation was improved and extended. This includes implementing previously unsupported types and methods and establishing the basis for document signature support.
  • Javascripts in form’s fields are available now
  • Saving pdf document to TeX format has been implemented

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFCPP-1189 Translate javascript project Enhancement
PDFCPP-1263 Build simply Qt application with the Aspose.PDF.Cpp library Enhancement
PDFCPP-1264 Fix XslCompiledTransform to support XmlReader. Enhancement
PDFCPP-1265 Support of TeX format Enhancement
PDFCPP-1269 Implement Linq Where Enhancement
PDFCPP-1189 Translate javascript project Enhancement
PDFCPP-1270 Get passed Javascript tests Enhancement
PDFCPP-1253 Investigation of memory consuming due conversion ApsToDoc Bug
PDFCPP-1254 Investigation of memory consuming due conversion TextFragments Bug
PDFCPP-1271 Fix Asposecpplib - GetType() for boxed enums works incorrectly Bug
PDFCPP-1272 Fix Asposecpplib - IO.File.ReadAllText() does not detect utf8 encoding automatically Bug
PDFCPP-1281 Trying to get a working application without installing additional fonts on the Linux system. Bug
PDFCPP-1283 Fix support embedded resources in CsToCppPorter Bug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Other Changes

  • XslCompiledTransform::Transform(const SharedPtr& input, const SharedPtr& results) was implemented.
  • GetType() was fixed for boxed enums.
  • File::ReadAllText() now detects UTF-8 encoding automatically.
  • A bug was fixed in porter placing output files above the project root if corresponding input files are placed above project root.
  • Relative paths are now generated for embedded resources instead of absolute ones.
  • TypeInfo::get_Assembly(), TypeInfo::IsInstanceOfType() methods were implemented.
  • TypeInfo::get_Assembly() works in conjunction with registering type by ASSEMBLY_TYPE_DECL, ASSEMBLY_TYPE_IMPL macros. For example: