Aspose.Pdf for Android 16.12.0 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
PDFANDROID-400 Adding bullet text in PDF document New Feature
PDFANDROID-450 PDF to EPUB conversion support New Feature
PDFANDROID-390 To set RGB color as text foreground color Enhancement
PDFANDROID-444 Pefromance issue - application takes almost 5 minutes Enhancement
PDFANDROID-236 Performance problem on loading and saving PDF document Enhancement
PDFANDROID-415 PDF to BMP conversion throws OutOfMemory Exception
PDFANDROID-461 ClassCastException at PdfFileInfo#saveNewInfo( Exception
PDFANDROID-465 PdfSerializationException: Wrong object format. Id:426 Generation:0 Exception
PDFANDROID-430 PDF to PNG: a blank image is being rendered Bug
PDFANDROID-462 Background сolor is not being set in PDF file Bug
PDFANDROID-464 Text has arabic symbols but extractor.isBidi() return false Bug
PDFANDROID-463 Extracted text from pdf-file is wrong Bug