Aspose.Pdf for Java 12.0.0 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
PDFNEWJAVA-34945 PDF to DOC: Set default ImageResolutions to 300 dpi Enhancement
PDFNEWJAVA-35581 PDF to PDF/A_3a - Resultant file is not PDF/A compliant Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35854 PDF to DOC - Space between words is removed Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35061 Aspose.PDF for Java v10+ do not work on HPUX Bug
PDFJAVA-36064 License Issue : The signature is invalid Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-34923 Aspose.PDf for Java throws exception while using it in OSGI Container Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35283 NullPointerException: when printing as background service Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-34373 Unable to find text in PDF file Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35567 Saving Nested table hangs on save() Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35392 PDF to DOCX - Spaces between words in output file are missing Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-34336 Issue Applying the license in start up servlet init() method Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35857 XML to PDF: Accessing TextFragement/TextSegment elements inside Row element throws NPE Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-34470 PDF to DOC - Conversion taking too much time Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35790 Content redaction does not work properly Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35189 PDF to DOC: Invalid characters are rendered Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-34561 HTML to PDF - Exception during conversion Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35655 PDF to PDF/A_1b - The alignment of text is disturbed Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35426 PDF to PDFA1a: Image background color turns into black Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35429 PDF to PDFA1a: a circle turns into square in resultant PDFA1a Bug
PDFJAVA-35959 PDF to PDFA converts highlight annotation into black rectangle Bug
PDFJAVA-35960 PDF to XPS conversion loses the background image Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35850 PDF to XPS conversion throws ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception Bug

Public API Changes

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.AnnotationSelector:

added method:

  • public void visit(WatermarkAnnotation watermark)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Color:

added methods:

  • public void setTextAndState(String text, TextState textState)
  • public void setLinesAndState(String[] text, TextState textState)
  • public boolean isBackground()
  • public void setBackground(boolean value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Color:

added default constructor:

  • public Color()

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.DocSaveOptions:

added methods:

  • public boolean isUseEmbeddedTrueTypeFonts()
  • public void setUseEmbeddedTrueTypeFonts(boolean value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Document.OptimizationOptions:

added methods:

  • public int getResolution()
  • public void setResolution(int dpi)
  • public int getMaximumImageDimension()
  • public void setMaximumImageDimension(int dimension)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Rectangle:

added method:

  • public boolean isIntersect(Rectangle otherRect)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.TextFragment:

added methods:

  • public int getWrapLinesCount()
  • public void setWrapLinesCount(int value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.TextSegment:

deleted method:

  • public static String myHtmlEncode(String value)

Added new class com.aspose.pdf.drawing.WatermarkAnnotation extends Annotation with the following constructors and methods:

  • public WatermarkAnnotation(Page page, Rectangle rect)
  • public void accept(AnnotationSelector visitor)
  • public /* AnnotationType */int getAnnotationType()
  • public FixedPrint getFixedPrint()
  • public void setText(FormattedText text)
  • public void setTextAndState(String[] text, TextState textState)

Added new class com.aspose.pdf.drawing.GradientAxialShading extends PatternColorSpace with the following constructors and methods:

  • public GradientAxialShading()
  • public GradientAxialShading(Color startColor, Color endColor)
  • public Point getEnd()
  • public void setEnd(Point value)
  • public Color getEndColor()
  • public void setEndColor(Color value)
  • public Point getStart()
  • public void setStart(Point value)
  • public Color getStartColor()
  • public void setStartColor(Color value)

Added new class com.aspose.pdf.FixedPrint with the following methods:

  • public double getHorizontalTranslation()
  • public void setHorizontalTranslation(double value)
  • public Matrix getMatrix()
  • public void setMatrix(Matrix value)
  • public double getVerticalTranslation()
  • public void setVerticalTranslation(double value)