Aspose.Pdf for Java 17.2.0 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
PDFJAVA-34604 Support PDF/A_3U format New Feature
PDFJAVA-35730 Get graph chart from PDF file New Feature
PDFJAVA-35208 HTML to PDF - Formatting issues in resultant file Bug
PDFJAVA-36447 HTML to PDF: some text is overlapped in resultant PDF Bug
PDFJAVA-34556 PCL to PDF: multiple pages are overlaping in output PDF Bug
PDFJAVA-35803 PCL to PDF: contents(table columns) are not expanding as per page layour Bug
PDFJAVA-36445 Formatting Issue when converting pdf to ppt Bug
PDFJAVA-35644 Exception when trying to extract table from PDF file Bug
PDFJAVA-36323 TIFF to PDF - Exception during conversion Bug
PDFJAVA-35609 PDF to PDFA problem with transparent images after conversion Bug
PDFJAVA-36115 PDF to PDF/A - illegible text on page 9 Bug
PDFJAVA-35662 PDF to PDFA conversion generates a very large file in size Bug
PDFJAVA-36365 Text to PDF is not working in multithreading Bug
PDFJAVA-36232 PDF to PDFA: conversion was working fine in 11.2.0 but 12.0.0 Bug
PDFJAVA-35681 PDF to TIFF conversion loses the image quality Bug
PDFJAVA-36209 PDF to DOC: data alignment issue Bug
PDFJAVA-36203 PDF to DOC: Table headers are disappeared Bug
PDFJAVA-35193 Table header not being grouped with first row Bug
PDFJAVA-36391 When FormType is changed to Standard, the NullPointerException occurs. Bug
PDFJAVA-36497 PDF TO PDF/A Conversion Shows incorrect output Bug
PDFJAVA-36114 DropDown value is not preserved when calling flatten() method Bug
PDFJAVA-35968 PdfFileInfo hangs forever for a large TIFF image Bug

Public API Changes in Aspose.PDF for Java 17.2.0

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.devices.TiffSettings:

Added methods: public void setIndexedConversionType(/* IndexedConversionType */int value) public /* IndexedConversionType */int getIndexedConversionType()

Implemented new enum class com.aspose.pdf.devices.TiffSettings.IndexedConversionType with two fields:

public static final int Simple = 0; public static final int Pixelated = 1;

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Document:

Added method: public boolean convert(PdfFormatConversionOptions options)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.facades.PdfExtractor:

Added method: public void extractMarkedContentAsImages(Page page, String path)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Form:

Added methods: public boolean getRemovePermission() public void setRemovePermission(boolean value) public boolean getEmulateRequierdGroups() public void setEmulateRequierdGroups(boolean value)

Implemented new class com.aspose.pdf.devices.PdfFileInfo with the following methods:

public boolean getUpdateAppearances() public void setUpdateAppearances(boolean value) public boolean getCallEvents() public void setCallEvents(boolean value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.LevelFormat:

Added method: public /* TabLeaderType */int getLineDash() public void setLineDash(/* TabLeaderType */int value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.WatermarkAnnotation:

Added method: public double getOpacity() public void setOpacity(double value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.XfaParserOptions:

Added method: public boolean getEmulateRequierdGroups() public void setEmulateRequierdGroups(boolean value)

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