Aspose.Pdf for Java 17.5 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
PDFJAVA-36696 Support RichMediaAnnotation New Feature
PDFJAVA-34399 Check compatibility of Aspose.PDF for Java with Grails Bug
PDFJAVA-34733 Multi-page tiff to PDF with portrait orientation loses fidelity Bug
PDFJAVA-34819 PDF to HTML - Space and positioning issues Bug
PDFJAVA-34860 PDF to HTML conversion loses the text Bug
PDFJAVA-34862 PDF to HTML: TOC links are lost in output HTML Bug
PDFJAVA-34926 Support of Docker platform Bug
PDFJAVA-34933 Support of Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management application Bug
PDFJAVA-35416 License not working with Apache server Bug
PDFJAVA-35562 Image to PDF - Image output is not correct in PDF Bug
PDFJAVA-35579 PDF to HTML results into incorrect text Bug
PDFJAVA-35607 PDF creation process keeps running and never stops Bug
PDFJAVA-35748 PDF to PDFA1B: compliance failure due to transparency in the document Bug
PDFJAVA-35788 PDF to PDF/A - Resultant file is not compliant Bug
PDFJAVA-35814 PDF to Image conversion loses the text Bug
PDFJAVA-36325 HighlightAnnotation background color issue with QuadPoint array Bug
PDFJAVA-36578 PDF to Image hangs for ever Bug
PDFJAVA-36669 Text appearing on wrong location after placing inside PDF Bug
PDFJAVA-36685 Highlight Annotation background color Problem Bug
PDFJAVA-36708 PDFA gets corrupted when setOptimizeFileSize is used Bug
PDFJAVA-36727 Aspose.PDF 17.4 exception throws when getting character by index Bug
PDFJAVA-36728 HTML to PDF - Ambiguous mismatch exception Bug
PDFJAVA-36785 getMeasure() method is missing in PolyAnnotation class Bug
PDFJAVA-36621 When PDF is converted to PDFA, the word in text is messed up. Bug
PDFJAVA-36387 PDF to PDFA: decrease in quality of transparent images Bug

Public API Changes in Aspose.PDF for Java 17.5

Added new class com.aspose.pdf.Document.FontSubsetStrategy with the following fields:

public static final byte SubsetEmbeddedFontsOnly = 0; public static final byte SubsetAllFonts = 1;

Added new interface com.aspose.pdf.Document.IDocumentFontUtilities with the following method:

public void subsetFonts(/* FontSubsetStrategy */byte subsetStrategy);

Added new exception class com.aspose.pdf.exceptions.IncorrectCMapUsageException with the following constructor:


Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.exceptions.PdfException:

Added constructor: public PdfException(String message, java.lang.Throwable innerException)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.facades.PdfViewer:

Added methods: public boolean getPrintAsGrayscale() public void setPrintAsGrayscale(boolean value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Font:

Added method: public String getType()

Added new class com.aspose.pdf.Opi with the following methods:

public Opi(XForm xform) public String getFileSpecification() public double[] getPosition() public String getVersion()

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Page:

**Added method: **public boolean isBlank(double fillThresholdFactor)

Added new class com.aspose.pdf.PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy with the following methods:

public PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy() public PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy(/* CMapEncodingTableType */short preferredEncodingTable) public/* CMapEncodingTableType */short getPreferredCmapEncodingTable() public void setCmapEncodingTablesPriorityQueue(Queue value) public void setPreferredCmapEncodingTable(/* CMapEncodingTableType */short value)

Added new class com.aspose.pdf.PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy.QueueItem with the following methods:

public QueueItem() public QueueItem(int platformID, int platformSpecificID) public QueueItem(/* CMapEncodingTableType */short cmapTable) public /* CMapEncodingTableType */ short getCMapEncodingTable() public void setCMapEncodingTable(/* MapEncodingTableType */short value) public int getPlatformID() public void setPlatformID(int value) public int getPlatformSpecificID() public void setPlatformSpecificID(int value)

Added new enum class com.aspose.pdf.PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy.QueueItem.CMapEncodingTableType with the following fields:

public static final short WindowsUnicodeTable = 0; public static final short WindowsSymbolicTable = 1; public static final short MacTable = 2; public static final short UnicodeTable = 3;

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.PolyAnnotation:

**Added methods: **public Measure getMeasure() public void setMeasure(Measure value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Rectangle:

**Added method: **public Rectangle join(Rectangle otherRect)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.TextFragmentState:

**Added methods: **public TextFormattingOptions getFormattingOptions() public void setFormattingOptions(TextFormattingOptions value) public double getRotation() public void setRotation(double value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.TextParagraph:

**Added methods: **public double getRotation() public void setRotation(double value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.XForm:

Added method: public Opi getOpi()