Aspose.PDF for Java 18.9 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
PDFJAVA-37999 PDF/UA support and features porting from .NET Library New Feature
PDFJAVA-37654 Input PDF - an incorrect sequence of the retrieved paragraphs Bug
PDFJAVA-37711 PDF to XPS - the redaction and additional blank pages are being added Bug
PDFJAVA-37847 The conversion PDF to PDFA_1A hangs. Bug
PDFJAVA-37733 The method RedactExactArea throws an exception. Bug
PDFJAVA-34613 PDF file is not properly being converted to PDF/A_1a format Bug
PDFJAVA-37289 PDF replace text process shows an argument out of range error Bug
PDFJAVA-37775 An exception raises while flattening the document Bug
PDFJAVA-37409 PDF to TIFF creates empty file Bug
PDFJAVA-37029 PDF to TIFF - an empty TIFF is generated Bug
PDFJAVA-36816 PDF to TIFF - Problem generating Image file Bug

Public API Changes

Changes: com.aspose.pdf.IWarningCallback -> com.aspose.pdf.WarningCallback M:com.aspose.pdf.LatexLoadOptions.setWarningCallback(IWarningCallback) -> M:com.aspose.pdf.LatexLoadOptions.setWarningCallback(WarningCallback) M:com.aspose.pdf.LoadOptions.setWarningHandler(IWarningCallback) -> M:com.aspose.pdf.LoadOptions.setWarningHandler(WarningCallback) M:com.aspose.pdf.SaveOptions.setWarningHandler(IWarningCallback) -> M:com.aspose.pdf.SaveOptions.setWarningHandler(WarningCallback)

Added class:


Added methods: com.aspose.pdf.HtmlFragment.getRectangle()
com.aspose.pdf.PageMarkup.setMulticolumnParagraphsAllowed (boolean)

Added field: com.aspose.pdf.TextReplaceOptions.ReplaceAdjustment.ShiftRestOfLine