Aspose.PDF for .NET 10.3.0

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We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

New Features

  • PDFNEWNET-37950 Support of multi-column PDF in new generator
  • PDFNEWNET-36751 PDF to PPTX conversion support
  • PDFNEWNET-35859 support of PDF/A with attachments
  • PDFNEWNET-13267 Support OTF fonts Enhancements
  • PDFNEWNET-38427 Make FindFont(..) case insensitive
  • PDFNEWNET-38319 Generating multi column TOC in PDF document
  • PDFNEWNET-38192 Table breaking across page should not have bottom border on page 1 and top border on page 2 Exceptions
  • PDFNEWNET-30542 The Font ‘frutiger lt 45 light’ is not found. This font is not supported. (Convert HTML2PDF)
  • PDFNEWNET-38313 Exception in Aspose.Css.EnumHelper.
  • PDFNEWNET-38080 PDF to PDFA conversion throws OOM exception
  • PDFNEWNET-37849 HTML to PDF: API throws XMLException Bugs
  • PDFNEWNET-38357 HtmlFragment throws ArgumentException against large HTML
  • PDFNEWNET-38320 Parallel Processing consumes 100% CPU
  • PDFNEWNET-38292 PDF to HTML - Error in console when viewing resultant file
  • PDFNEWNET-38247 HTML to PDF: HtmlFragment throws ArgumentException
  • PDFNEWNET-38193 Text foreground color is not being applied
  • PDFNEWNET-38152 XPS to PDF conversion fails on 3.5 and 4.0 .NET platform
  • PDFNEWNET-38084 PDF to DOC: Header image and text is missing
  • PDFNEWNET-38082 PDF to DOC: Text renders incorrectly
  • PDFNEWNET-38070 TextStamp changes position depending on if Draw is set True or False
  • PDFNEWNET-38069 Setting Draw property of TextStamp class to false changes view
  • PDFNEWNET-37954 PDF to HTML: Incorrect colors in output html
  • PDFNEWNET-37914 Incorrect page count
  • PDFNEWNET-37814 HTML to PDF - rgba background colors doesn’t work
  • PDFNEWNET-37809 PDF to TIFF - Output is not correct
  • PDFNEWNET-37772 Signature gets corrupted when removing page from PDF file
  • PDFNEWNET-37746 PDF to HTML - Spaces between words are eliminated
  • PDFNEWNET-37516 PDF to HTML: Output HTML contains squares between lines
  • PDFNEWNET-37474 Setting zoom using PdfPageEditor class corrupt the output image
  • PDFNEWNET-37465 HTML to PDF: incorrect output
  • PDFNEWNET-37363 PDF to HTML: incorrect rendering of text in output HTML
  • PDFNEWNET-37361 PDF to HTML- lots of errors loading HTML in Chorme/FireFox
  • PDFNEWNET-37132 HTML to PDF: footer overlaps the document as column
  • PDFNEWNET-37067 PDF to XPS: Words are being rendered incorrectly
  • PDFNEWNET-36596 PDF to DOC/DOCX: Underlines rendered incorrectly
  • PDFNEWNET-36543 TXT to PDFA - OutOfMemoryException is being generated
  • PDFNEWNET-36007 PDF to PNG results into distorted image
  • PDFNEWNET-33933 HTML to PDF is not honoring Table Columns width and rows are breaking at page end
  • PDFNEWNET-33756 HTML to PDF conversion issue
  • PDFNEWNET-33539 Convert HTML to PDF - Text layout issue
  • PDFNEWNET-31349 PdfPageEditor removes data from PDF document
  • PDFNEWNET-36194 Problems with the replacement of several segments of text found in one fragment.