Aspose.PDF for .NET 11.2.0

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We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with the following improvements.

Key Summary Category
PDFNEWNET-40014 Access TextFragement and TextSegment elements from XML file Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-38173 Support Grouped checkboxesEnhancements Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-39168 Implement handling of new field in form element ‘button’. Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-39947 Create Rectangle with alpha color channel support Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-39641 Change TOC page numbering Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-40051 To add drawing with transparent colorExceptions Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-40028 Exception when placing large contents inside table cell Bug
PDFNEWNET-40003 Opening PDF document Aspose.PDF for .NET throws CrossTableNotFoundException Bug
PDFNEWNET-39961 Upon loading PDF document it throws CrossTableNotFoundException Bug
PDFNEWNET-38798 PDF to HTML throw unhandled ArgumentException Bug
PDFNEWNET-38666 API throws CrossTableNotFoundException upon Loading PDF document Bug
PDFNEWNET-40046 Footer Text overlapping with Footnote Bug
PDFNEWNET-40044 Rectangles are not rendering on the correct position Bug
PDFNEWNET-40029 Image to PDF - Evaluation watermark appears when setting IsBlackWhite as True Bug
PDFNEWNET-39959 LocalHyperlink doesn’t jump back to a previous spot in page Bug
PDFNEWNET-39621 Evaluation watermark when using attached license file Bug
PDFNEWNET-40114 Table Horizontal alignment issue Bug
PDFNEWNET-39730 Replacing text in numbered list with 3 or more items adds extra white-space Bug
PDFNEWNET-39193 Annotation arrow head size changes in flatten PDF file Bug
PDFNEWNET-39128 Adding javascript action to comboboxfield throws NullReferneceException Bug
PDFNEWNET-37974 PDF to excel: cells are being merged Bug
PDFNEWNET-40053 Footer image is not rendering in 11.1.0 Bug
PDFNEWNET-40040 License embedded as resource is not working with 11.1.0 but 11.0.0 Bug
PDFNEWNET-38811 Fast Web view issue Bug
PDFNEWNET-40011 Incorrect text wrapping in the table Bug
PDFNEWNET-38663 PDF to HTML results extra white lines in color background Bug
PDFNEWNET-37971 HTML to PDF - Image do not appear in PDF file Bug
PDFNEWNET-39483 Performance difference in Old generator and New generator Bug