Aspose.PDF for .NET 11.3.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
PDFNEWNET-39988 Controlling Z-Order of Rectangle
PDFNEWNET-39948 Support of Text with transparency Exceptions
PDFNEWNET-38718 Document object throws StackOverFlowException Bugs
PDFNEWNET-39555 PDF to PDFA conversion results a black PDF
PDFNEWNET-40047 Spacing between Heading user label and heading.Textfragments
PDFNEWNET-39966 The order of characters in RTL words is reversed
PDFNEWNET-39707 PDF not matching multi-word searches
PDFNEWNET-38720 EPUB to PDF - Unable to convert EPUB to PDF
PDFNEWNET-37632 PDF to TIFF - Highlight annotations missing in resultant file
PDFNEWNET-36954 HTML to PDF - Name is not being assigned to form field
PDFNEWNET-39104 Form field filling takes too much time
PDFNEWNET-40175 Floating boxes with zIndex, some table parts falling behind image
PDFNEWNET-40144 Code hangs while processing paragraphs
PDFNEWNET-39952 Process hangs with Project Platform Target value Any CPU
PDFNEWNET-39550 HTML to Conversion add unwanted red lines in resultant PDF document
PDFNEWNET-39155 PDF to JPEG: multi-line textboxfield text is missing in resultant Image
PDFNEWNET-35782 RichtextBox doesn’t honor line break tag br
PDFNEWNET-39661 Infinite execution on table generation
PDFNEWNET-39229 EPUB to PDF: TOC are not working in resultant PDF