Aspose.PDF for .NET 11.8.0

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNEWNET-37115 PDF to PDF/A - Replace missing Font with alternative Font Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-40563 Unable to add page to PDF file Exception
PDFNEWNET-40552 PDF to PDF/A - Exception during conversion Exception
PDFNEWNET-40275 PDF to PDF/A - Exception during conversion Exception
PDFNEWNET-38460 Exception while converting XFA pdf to a standard PDF Exception
PDFNEWNET-36244 NullReferenceException during XFA to Standard Acro form conversion Exception
PDFNEWNET-40694 API throws NullReference Exception on loading PDF document Exception
PDFNEWNET-40566 Large PDF to PDFA throws OutOfMemory Exception Exception
PDFNEWNET-40229 NullReferenceException while redacting second occurrence of text on same page Exception
PDFNEWNET-39277 InvalidCastException when trying to convert PDF 1.3 document with Aspose.PDF 10.7 Exception
PDFNEWNET-40792 API throws System Exception upon loading PDF document in 11.6.0 Exception
PDFNEWNET-40791 API throws System Exception upon loading PDF document in 11.6.0 Exception
PDFNEWNET-40790 API throws System Exception upon loading PDF document in 11.6.0 Exception
PDFNEWNET-40789 API throws System Exception upon loading PDF document in 11.6.0 Exception
PDFNEWNET-40362 PDF to PDFA problem with transparent images after conversion Bug
PDFNEWNET-40772 EPUB to PDF conversion throws the operation not supported error Bug
PDFNEWNET-40686 Regression: Document fonts changed on save Bug
PDFNEWNET-40677 Flatten method results a corrupt PDF with 11.5.0 Bug
PDFNEWNET-38420 PDF to Doc: Redundant characters before and after bullet items Bug
PDFNEWNET-40581 XSL-FO to PDF - Resultant file has formatting issues Bug
PDFNEWNET-35275 Issue in converting PDF to HTML Bug
PDFNEWNET-40862 PDF to PDF/A - Issue with images Bug
PDFNEWNET-40528 PDF to PDFA conversion duplicates background image Bug
PDFNEWNET-40405 HTML to PDF - Page contents are overlapping each-other Bug
PDFNEWNET-40363 Saving Nested table hangs on save() Bug
PDFNEWNET-38952 PCL to PDF: incorrect output is generated Bug
PDFNEWNET-40682 PDF to PDF/A - Contents are overlapping in resultant file Bug
PDFNEWNET-40532 PDF to PDF/A_3b - Image changes position and size gets increased Bug
PDFNEWNET-40361 PDF to PDFA - Characters overlap in resultant file Bug
PDFNEWNET-39443 PDF to PDF/A - Unable to access conversion log information saved in Stream Bug
PDFNEWNET-38831 Intellisense is not working for package from NuGet repository Bug
PDFNET-41025 Concatenating more than 38 occurrences of same PDF, corrupts output Bug
PDFNEWNET-40636 PDF to PDFA: text is corrupted in resultant PDF Bug
PDFNEWNET-40629 Incorrect destination page of TOC entries Bug
PDFNEWNET-40432 PDF to PDFA1b: resultant document is not PDFA1b compliant Bug
PDFNEWNET-40403 TOC on multiple page loses some contents Bug
PDFNEWNET-40392 PDF to PDFA: text is overlapping in the resultant PDFA document Bug
PDFNEWNET-40343 PDF to HTML: RemoveEmptyAreasOnTopAndBottom property
is not working as expected
PDFNEWNET-40248 PDF to JPEG conversion: first page is rendered into black image Bug
PDFNEWNET-40081 PDF to PDFA3b: compliance failure due to Annotation not set to print Bug
PDFNEWNET-39965 HTML to PDF: Circle in HTML is rendering as rounded corner rectangle Bug
PDFNEWNET-39669 PDF to PDFA: background of an area changes to black Bug
PDFNEWNET-39561 API stalls forever while editing PDF form Bug
PDFNEWNET-39415 PDF to HTML: text is missing in resultant HTML Bug
PDFNEWNET-39374 HTML to PDF stalls forever Bug
PDFNEWNET-39326 PDF to HTML: incorrect conversion of text Bug
PDFNEWNET-38917 PDF to XPS:“h” letter is being replaced with “e” Bug
PDFNEWNET-38885 Text space missing when converting a pdf file to pdfa Bug
PDFNEWNET-38337 A large header overlaps to body text Bug
PDFNEWNET-38335 HTML to PDF: Adding HtmlFragment in Header is mirrored to bottom of page Bug
PDFNEWNET-35720 PDF to XPS: Chinese characters are not being rendered correctly Bug
PDFNEWNET-40816 IsKeptWithNext is not working if next paragraph is a table Bug
PDFNEWNET-40700 PDF to PDF/A - Text formatting is lost and contents are missing Bug
PDFNEWNET-40698 PDF to PDF/A - Image starts appearing on top of page title Bug
PDFNEWNET-40497 PDF to PDF/A - Background becomes black Bug
PDFNEWNET-40323 PDF to PDF/A_3a - Resultant file is not PDF/A compliant Bug
PDFNEWNET-39951 XFA to Standard form: Font size and style are incorrect Bug
PDFNEWNET-39722 PDF to HTML - Wrong background image Bug
PDFNEWNET-38827 EPUB to Image: Output image is empty Bug
PDFNEWNET-38129 PCL to PDF: multiple pages are overlapping in output PDF Bug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

We have introduced following API changes in this release and the major change includes movement of all classes/enumerations from Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions. namespace to Aspose.PDF.Text.

  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextEditOptions was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextEditOptions
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextEditOptions.FontReplace was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextEditOptions.FontReplace
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextEditOptions.LanguageTransformation was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextEditOptions.LanguageTransformation
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextEditOptions.NoCharacterAction was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextEditOptions.NoCharacterAction
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextExtractionOptions was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextExtractionOptions
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextFormattingOptions was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextFormattingOptions
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextFormattingOptions.WordWrapMode was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextFormattingOptions.WordWrapMode
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextOptions* was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextReplaceOptions was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextReplaceOptions
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextReplaceOptions.ReplaceAdjustment was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextReplaceOptions.ReplaceAdjustment
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextReplaceOptions.Scope was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextReplaceOptions.Scope
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Text.TextOptions.TextSearchOptions was moved to Aspose.PDF.Text.TextSearchOptions