Aspose.PDF for .NET 12.0.0

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNEWNET-37490 PatternColorSpace support in new Generator New Feature
PDFNET-41130 Gradient color support in new Generator Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-38915 PDF to DOC: Set default ImageResolutions to 300 dpi Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-40788 TableAbsorber throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException for page without table Exception
PDFNEWNET-40787 TableAbsorber throws InvalidOperationException for page with one table Exception
PDFNEWNET-40735 Text replacement throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException Exception
PDFNEWNET-40640 PDF to HTML conversion throws ArgumentEception unhandled Exception
PDFNEWNET-40525 PDF to HTML: Exception issue when converting document to html after cleanup Exception
PDFNET-41207 TableAbsorber throws InvalidOperation Exception Exception
PDFNET-41279 Tex to HTML - InvalidOperationException during conversion Bug
PDFNEWNET-39139 PDF to TIFF: consumes a lot of memory Bug
PDFNEWNET-40725 PDF to PDFA1a conversion results in-compliant PDFA document Bug
PDFNET-41276 PDF to XPS conversion loses the background image Bug
PDFNET-41091 PDF to PDFA converts highlight annotation into black rectangle Bug
PDFNEWNET-30629 Issue in conversion from SVG to PDF Bug
PDFNEWNET-39443 PDF to PDF/A - Unable to access conversion log information saved in Stream Bug
PDFNEWNET-38221 PDF to PDF/A - Black background appears Bug
PDFNEWNET-36778 HTML to PDF - Formatting issues in resultant PDF Bug
PDFNET-41105 PDF to PDF/A - Contents are rotated at 90 degree in resultant file Bug
PDFNET-41055 PDF to PDFA_1b: Page contents are missing/redacted Bug
PDFNET-41054 PDF to PDFA: Page contents are missing/redacted Bug
PDFNET-41030 PDF to PDF/A - Formatting issues in resultant file Bug
PDFNET-40968 GetColor method of SetCMYKColorStroke operator is not implemented Bug
PDFNET-40920 PDF to PDF/A - Error when viewing resultant file Bug
PDFNEWNET-40845 PDFA compliance issue Bug
PDFNEWNET-40754 ImagePlacementAbsorber can not define correct position and size of images in XForm Bug
PDFNEWNET-40666 Inline image not rendered correctly when layout is right aligned Bug
PDFNEWNET-40449 PDF to HTML: some characters are missing in resultant HTML Bug
PDFNEWNET-40448 PDF to PNG: some characters are missing in resultant PNG Bug
PDFNEWNET-35778 PCL to PDF: formatting lost issue Bug
PDFNET-41208 Adding Graph line into PDF document hangs system forever Bug
PDFNET-41026 PDF to PDFA: checkboxes are rendered as black boxes Bug
PDFNEWNET-39290 PDF to HTML - Some characters are not properly rendering Bug
PDFNET-41264 PDF to JPEG: contents are missing in resultant image Bug
PDFNEWNET-40772 EPUB to PDF conversion throws the operation not supported error Bug

Public API changes

Added APIs:

  • MethodAspose.PDF.Annotations.AnnotationSelector.Visit(Aspose.PDF.Annotations.WatermarkAnnotation)
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Annotations.FixedPrint
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Annotations.FixedPrint.Matrix
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Annotations.FixedPrint.HorizontalTranslation
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Annotations.FixedPrint.VerticalTranslation
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Annotations.WatermarkAnnotation
  • ConstructorAspose.PDF.Annotations.WatermarkAnnotation.#ctor(Aspose.PDF.Page,Aspose.PDF.Rectangle)
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Annotations.WatermarkAnnotation.FixedPrint
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Annotations.WatermarkAnnotation.AnnotationType
  • MethodAspose.PDF.Annotations.WatermarkAnnotation.SetText (Aspose.PDF.Facades.FormattedText)
  • MethodAspose.PDF.Annotations.WatermarkAnnotation.SetTextAndState(System.String[],Aspose.PDF.Text.TextState)
  • MethodAspose.PDF.Annotations.WatermarkAnnotation.Accept(Aspose.PDF.Annotations.AnnotationSelector)
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Artifact.IsBackground
  • MethodAspose.PDF.Artifact.SetTextAndState (System.String,Aspose.PDF.Text.TextState)
  • MethodAspose.PDF.Artifact.SetLinesAndState(System.String[],Aspose.PDF.Text.TextState)
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Color.PatternColorSpace
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Drawing.GradientAxialShading
  • Constructor Aspose.PDF.Drawing.GradientAxialShading.#ctor
  • Constructor Aspose.PDF.Drawing.GradientAxialShading.#ctor (Aspose.PDF.Color,Aspose.PDF.Color)
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Drawing.GradientAxialShading.Start
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Drawing.GradientAxialShading.End
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Drawing.GradientAxialShading.StartColor
  • Property Aspose.PDF.Drawing.GradientAxialShading.EndColor
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Drawing.PatternColorSpace
  • Constructor Aspose.PDF.Drawing.PatternColorSpace.#ctor
  • Class Aspose.PDF.Engine.CommonData.Text.CMaps.IncorrectCMapUsageException
  • Method Aspose.PDF.Rectangle.IsIntersect(Aspose.PDF.Rectangle)