Aspose.PDF for .NET 16.11.0

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-41029 Change the text color in rectangle area New Feature
PDFNEWNET-36551 Gradient Fill feature New Feature
PDFNEWNET-38076 How to get width of text dynamically Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-36775 HTML to PDF conversion throws ArgumentNullException Exception
PDFNEWNET-38241 PDF to PDFA conversion throws InvalidCasException Exception
PDFNEWNET-40442 OutOfMemory when using OptimizeResources method Exception
PDFNEWNET-37336 PDF to XPS - IndexOutOfRangeException during conversion Exception
PDFNEWNET-37136 Exception while converting Dynamic XFA to Standard AcroForm Exception
PDFNET-41240 Fix internal System.FormatException during text extraction with
'fast’ procedure of GroupProcessor.
PDFNET-41585 When PDF is saved as DOCX, OutOfMemoryException occurs. Exception
PDFNET-41273 PDF to PDF/A_3b - Process takes too much time. Bug
PDFNEWNET-37690 Incorrect measurement of replacement fragment while adjusting
text with character spacing leads to extra space.
PDFNEWNET-40332 Arabic text is not being center aligned in a table cell Bug
PDFNET-41570 Image squished instead of moving to next page Bug
PDFNET-41529 PDF to PDF/A - Text Rotated and overlapping on last page Bug
PDFNEWNET-39151 PDF to PDF/A - PDF/A conversion metadata errors Bug
PDFNET-41553 Image rendering difference in old and new generator Bug
PDFNET-41260 Not all contents are appearing in PDF document Bug
PDFNET-41568 KeptWithNext feature is causing content to disappear
PDFNEWNET-40539 Images missing in resultant file when using ‘OptimizeResources’ Bug
PDFNEWNET-38607 PDF to HTML - A ligature is shown incorrectly in HTML Bug
PDFNEWNET-36926 USPSIMB standard barcode font shows extra spaces Bug
PDFNET-41309 PDF to HTML: rendering issue of form fields Bug
PDFNET-41308 PDF to DOCX: footnote is not rendering as a single paragraph Bug
PDFNET-41359 PDF to DOC: Paragraph indent values Bug
PDFNEWNET-37932 Import of annotations from XFDF to PDF Bug
PDFNEWNET-40091 PDF to PDFA2b: Converting PDF, generated from Aspose.Cells, to
PDFA2b fails the compliance
PDFNEWNET-39327 PDF split to pages is slower in v10.7.0 Bug
PDFNEWNET-38005 Glyph widths information lost when forming font for replacement Bug
PDFNET-41339 When PDF converted to PDF_A_1B, the first page is missing some elements. Bug
PDFNET-41340 When PDF converted to PDF_A_1B, the output file returns an error in Acrobat Reader Bug