Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.1.0

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-41573 Referencing XObjects for multiple times New Feature
PDFNET-41880 Add a row containing some text at the end of page if table is broken in two pages New Feature
PDFNET-41881 Set different TabLeaderType for different TOC Level New Feature
PDFNET-41767 Multiple reference to same image Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-40023 Adding text inside a shape Enhancement
PDFNEWNET-40707 Add text inside Rectangle object Enhancement
PDFNET-41892 Alignment of radio button text and checkbox text is not proper Bug
PDFNET-41735 doc.Pages[1].Resources.Images.Names and doc.Pages[1].Resources.Images[0]
Name returns different names for same image.
PDFNET-41848 Jumbling words when converting Pdf to Html with UseZOrder = true Bug
PDFNET-42032 Pdf file is not compilant with PDF/A-1a format (transparency and missing objects) Bug
PDFNET-42031 Pdf file is not compilant with PDF/A-1a format (transparency) Bug
PDFNEWNET-38235 PDF to HTML - Links are converted into plain text Bug
PDFNEWNET-39140 PDF to HTML- Text Selection flickers Bug
PDFNEWNET-40684 PDF to HTML - Missing characters and invalid format of resultant file Bug
PDFNEWNET-40683 PDF to HTML - Missing characters and invalid format of resultant file Bug
PDFNET-41589 Load single image instance for multiple times Bug
PDFNET-41506 Stamp text alignment issue Bug
PDFNET-41891 When PDF is converted to DOCX, the text formatting changes. Bug
PDFNEWNET-36321 XFA form conversion failure Bug
PDFNET-41809 PDF to PDF/A - Formatting issues in resultant file Bug
PDFNET-41717 PDF to PDFA: transparent background is being rendered as black Bug
PDFNEWNET-39398 PDF to PDF/A - Resultant file is not correct Bug
PDFNET-41899 PDF to PPTX - Text on first page is absent Bug
PDFNET-41404 HTML/PDF to PPTX conversion issue Bug
PDFNET-41654 HTML to PPTX: Missing white Text form HTML to PPTX Bug
PDFNET-41906 Text position of TextFragment Bug
PDFNET-41992 PDF to PDFA: compliance fails (soft mask in image) Bug
PDFNEWNET-40717 PDF to JPEG - Some characters rendered wrongly Bug

Public API changes

Added API’s:

Property Aspose.PDF.Drawing.Shape.Text Property Aspose.PDF.HtmlSaveOptions.DisableImageSelection Property Aspose.PDF.LevelFormat.LineDash Property Aspose.PDF.Table.BreakText Property Aspose.PDF.TextStamp.MaxRowWidth Method Aspose.PDF.XImage.IsTheSameObject(Aspose.PDF.XImage) Method Aspose.PDF.XImage.GetNameInCollection Method Aspose.PDF.XImageCollection.Add(Aspose.PDF.XImage) Method Aspose.PDF.XImageCollection.GetImageName(Aspose.PDF.XImage)