Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.11

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-42750 Add Tooltip to Text inside PDF file New Feature
PDFNET-38709 VerticalAlignment for FloatingBox contents New Feature
PDFNET-38580 VerticalAlignmentType support Row object New Feature
PDFNET-43056 Add feature to hide the page numbers in table of contents tree New Feature
PDFNET-41118 Searchable PDF issue Enhancement
PDFNET-43366 NullReferenceException occurred on getting form fields Exception
PDFNET-43414 When add an image from embedded resource in WPF,
then on Save document, GDI+ exception occurs
PDFNET-43486 Null pointer exception occurs when calling flatten Exception
PDFNET-35792 Storing PDF document into stream is too slow in batch operation Bug
PDFNET-35851 Text Segments from Textfragment Absorbed not in Correct Position Bug
PDFNET-37346 PDF to PNG: text spacing is issue in resultant image Bug
PDFNET-38237 PDF to TIFF - Conversion is taking too much time Bug
PDFNET-38691 PDF to TIFF - Character spacing issue in resultant file  Bug
PDFNET-38886 Extracted Signature Images are in Black and White  Bug
PDFNET-39562 PDF to PNG: incorrect rendering of text  Bug
PDFNET-39671 PDF to PDF/A - huge memory consumption during conversion Bug
PDFNET-40734 PDF to TIFF - Text is garbled in resultant file Bug
PDFNET-40853 Some text from string array is not redacting Bug
PDFNET-41659 Replacing Text Causes Text to Go Offscreen Bug
PDFNET-41810 PDF to PDF/A_1b - Text is garbled in resultant file Bug
PDFNET-42482 Incorrect positioning of characters when saving PDF as HTML Bug
PDFNET-42770 Incorect TextStamp rendering Bug
PDFNET-42785 When PDF converted to PDF_A_1B, a blue color on image is different Bug
PDFNET-42897 PDF to DOCX - Content is missing in the resultant file Bug
PDFNET-42971 Incorrect character position when saving as HTML Bug
PDFNET-43107 Images are not showing when HTML is added through HtmlFragment Bug
PDFNET-43216 PDF to TIFF - API is taking more time than expected Bug
PDFNET-43256 All spaces are removed from the text and all lines ends with “ti” Bug
PDFNET-43620 The accented text has been clipped if placed in the first line of TextFragment text Bug
PDFNET-43340 Not possible to create radio buttons Bug
PDFNET-43419 When adding a footnote to the table cell, it appears two times Bug
PDFNET-43459 Text is missing when saving PDF as HTML Bug
PDFNET-43511 Text Justification as FullJustify is not working in FloatingBox Bug

Public API changes in Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.11

Added APIs:

Method Aspose.PDF.Annotations.Annotation.ToImage(System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat) Class Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction Constructor Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction(Aspose.PDF.Annotations.Annotation) Constructor Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction(Aspose.PDF.Annotations.Annotation,System.Boolean) Constructor Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction(System.String) Constructor Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction(System.String,System.Boolean) Constructor Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction(Aspose.PDF.Annotations.Annotation[]) Constructor Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction(Aspose.PDF.Annotations.Annotation[],System.Boolean) Constructor Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction(System.String[]) Constructor Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction(System.String[],System.Boolean) Property Aspose.PDF.Annotations.HideAction.IsHidden Property Aspose.PDF.BaseParagraph.VerticalAlignment Method Aspose.PDF.Forms.SignatureField.ExtractImage(System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat) Constructor Aspose.PDF.Text.TextFormattingOptions Enumeration member Aspose.PDF.Text.TextFormattingOptions.WordWrapMode.Undefined Property Aspose.PDF.Text.TextFragment.VerticalAlignment Property Aspose.PDF.TocInfo.IsShowPageNumbers