Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.7

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-42777 Text with rotation angle 90 gets reversed in cell when we change
column width of table according to text height
PDFNET-42700 PDF to PDFA - Output is unreadable Bug
PDFNET-42543 Incorrect characters when saving to image or HTML Bug
PDFNET-42873 Table.GetHeight method keeps running while generating a new PDF Bug
PDFNET-42583 Flatten Calculated Fields lost their formatting Bug
PDFNET-42678 Flatten Calculated Fields displays 0 Bug
PDFNET-42867 Compliance problems with PDF/A_3U after conversion, “CIDset” error Bug
PDFNET-42868 Compliance problems with PDF/A_3U after conversion, “CIDset” and
"Text cannot be mapped to Unicode”
PDFNET-36196 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException - when trying to work with text
in the document by TextFragmentAbsorber or TextAbsorber
PDFNET-38101 Hindi text replacement results into incorrect text Bug
PDFNET-38363 TIFF to PDF - Some Section are dropped in resultant PDF Bug
PDFNET-38581 Image Alignment is not being honored Bug
PDFNET-38955 HorizontalAlignment for Image is not having any effect Bug
PDFNET-42679 Text stamp is not aligned properly Bug
PDFNET-39020 Text replacement does not keep text style formatting Bug
PDFNET-38881 Underline Property of TextFragment not taking on color of Text Bug
PDFNET-40927 PDF to TIFF: conversion taking long time Bug
PDFNET-37675 PDF to TIFF loses fonts Bug
PDFNET-38355 To get table height of an table in a existing PDF Bug
PDFNET-42178 PDF to PPTX - Side notes are missing Bug
PDFNET-42406 PDF to PPTX: words shifted to a new line Bug
PDFNET-42407 PDF to PPTX - Tabular data alignment issues Bug
PDFNET-42649 After flattenAllFields() method is used, an output file converts 60%
to 0.6%

Public API Changes

Added API’s

Class Aspose.PDF.PdfAOptionClasses.FontEmbeddingOptions

  • Constructor Aspose.PDF.PdfAOptionClasses.FontEmbeddingOptions
  • Property Aspose.PDF.PdfAOptionClasses.FontEmbeddingOptions.UseDefaultSubstitution
  • Property Aspose.PDF.PdfFormatConversionOptions.FontEmbeddingOptions