Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.8

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-42309 NullReferenceException on getting Document.pagei.Artifacts collection Exception
PDFNET-42714 XPS to PDF Conversion throws missing root element exception Exception
PDFNET-42969 Argument out of range exception when saving PDF as HTML Exception
PDFNET-42918 Aspose.PDF generates larger files than Aspose.PDF.Generator Bug
PDFNET-42663 Method access error occurs on converting an XPS to PDF Bug
PDFNET-42675 Incorrect color of circles when converting an XPS to PDF Bug
PDFNET-42885 PDF to PPTX - Text is missing in resultant file Bug
PDFNET-40901 PDF to PNG conversion adds extra white space Bug
PDFNET-42549 Failed PDF/A-1b validation after conversion Bug
PDFNET-42544 After saving attachments, collection is empty Bug
PDFNET-42886 DOCX to PDFA different behavior between aspose and adobe reader PRO - Incident Bug
PDFNET-42729 Aspose.PDF generated slides within PowerPoint breaks fonts and formatting Bug
PDFNET-41389 PDF to PDF/A-2a - Resultant file is not compliant Bug
PDFNET-41386 PDF to PDF/A-2a - Resultant file is not compliant Bug
PDFNET-41367 PDF to PDF/A - Resultant file is not compliant Bug
PDFNET-39454 PDF to HTML: characters are being replaced with boxes Bug
PDFNET-42198 PDF to DOC: Text trimmed from top Bug
PDFNET-42349 DropDown value is cropped when form is flatten Bug
PDFNET-42350 DropDown value is rendered incorrectly Bug
PDFNET-43141 Text replacement leads to column breaking (left shift of the word in second column) Bug
PDFNET-41170 HTML to PDF - Field width is not preserved Bug
PDFNET-41628 PDF to TIFF: black blocks in resultant TIFF image Bug
PDFNET-41683 PDF to JPEG - Double space between letters Bug
PDFNET-41845 PDF to BMP - Text appears overlapped in resultant image Bug
PDFNET-42582 Text overlapping occurred when converting PDF to PNG Bug

Added APIs:

Class Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory

Constructor Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory Method Aspose.PDF.DocumentFactory.CreateDocument(System.IO.Stream,Aspose.PDF.LoadOptions)

Methods and Properties

Method Aspose.PDF.EmbeddedFileCollection.Add(System.String,Aspose.PDF.FileSpecification) Method Aspose.PDF.EmbeddedFileCollection.DeleteByKey(System.String) Method Aspose.PDF.Image.GetMimeType(System.Drawing.Image) Property Aspose.PDF.RenderingOptions.ScaleImagesToFitPageWidth Property Aspose.PDF.Collection.DefaultEntry