Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.10 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-45213 PDFUA: Add support for Link Annotation in tagged pdf New Feature
PDFNET-44651 PDF/UA: Validate XObjects New Feature
PDFNET-44650 PDF/UA: Validate Actions New Feature
PDFNET-38012 Implement Getter for Underline property Enhancement
PDFNET-45249 Tooltip displays the complete URL of WebHyperlink when hovering mouse on TextFragment Bug
PDFNET-43464 The numbering for the equation(math formulas) is missing when
PDF produced using Latex script.
PDFNET-45088 Problem with Subscript in LatexFragment Bug
PDFNET-44518 Issues when rendering Japanese PDF document to HTML Bug
PDFNET-45218 Out of memory error while converting PDF Document to PPTX Bug
PDFNET-45212 PDF to PPTX - Text in output slides is overlapped Bug
PDFNET-45190 PDF to PPTX - Output is not correct Bug
PDFNET-44813 IndexOutOfRange exception while removing all text Bug
PDFNET-37933 TextAbsorber extract incorrect coordinates Bug
PDFNET-37988 Unable to use custom font Bug
PDFNET-38204 TextFragment is not honoring Rotate angle Bug
PDFNET-44837 The conversion PDF to MobiXml produces the corrupted output. Bug
PDFNET-45278 Insert PNG into PDF - borders occur Bug
PDFNET-38267 Image stamp of transparent GIF image rendered with black background Bug
PDFNET-43421 PDF to TIFF - Barcode is missing in resultant image Bug
PDFNET-38437 PDF to TIFF - Unable to convert PDF to TIFF Bug
PDFNET-45097 Some columns are dropped if repeating columns are used. Bug
PDFNET-45302 An exception raises while saving to PDFA formats. Bug
PDFNET-44537 ArgumentOutOfRangeException during PDF to PDF/A conversion Bug
PDFNET-44069 Vertical text renders in different order Bug
PDFNET-43448 PDF to PDFA1B - the preflight compliance test is failed Bug
PDFNET-45404 HTML to PDF: images missing in resulting file Bug
PDFNET-40145 HTML to PDF throws ArgumentException Bug
PDFNET-45325 XML to PDF - Line breaking and non-breaking space symbols are not working Bug
PDFNET-40536 PDF to PDFA: incorrect different results in 10.9.0 and 11.4.0 Bug
PDFNET-42534 PDF to PDFA Conversion process hangs up Bug
PDFNET-41202 PDF to PDFA: image is missing Bug
PDFNET-44535 The FreeTextAnnotation text content isn’t shown in the output document. Bug
PDFNET-44669 Removing bookmarks do not work properly Bug
PDFNET-44935 PCL to PDF - The content is shifting to right side on subsequent pages Bug
PDFNET-45144 NullReferenceException during HTML to PDF conversion Bug
PDFNET-41081 Redaction annotation throws NullReference Exception Bug
PDFNET-45358 PDF/UA. Validator doesn’t found tagged content error Bug
PDFNET-45359 PDF/UA: Generated Tagged Pdf document doesn’t compliance to PDF/UA spec Bug
PDFNET-45361 PDF/UA: Xmp Metadata Title problem when generate Tagged Pdf document Bug
PDFNET-45362 PDF/UA: PDF/UA identifier problem when generate Tagged Pdf document Bug
PDFNET-45363 PDF/UA: Logical Structure problem when generate Tagged Pdf document Bug

Public API changes in Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.10

Added APIs:

  • Method Aspose.Pdf.Document.SetTitle(System.String) 
  • Method Aspose.Pdf.OutlineCollection.Remove(System.Int32) 
  • Method Aspose.Pdf.OutlineItemCollection.Remove(System.Int32)