Aspose.PDF for .NET 19.12 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-46809 Hyperlinks and cross-references support on converting PDF to DOCX  New Feature
PDFNET-47329 Add Font subsets optimization method Enhancement
PDFNET-32485 PDF to PNG conversion issue Bug
PDFNET-34936 PDF to HTML : Formatting issues in the resultant file Bug
PDFNET-36352 PDF to HTML - Hyperlink is removed in the resultant file Bug
PDFNET-37460 TIFF to PDF - image in PDF are blurred Bug
PDFNET-37684 PDF to TIFF image conversion issue. Bug
PDFNET-38391 Nested table is not being rendered correctly. Bug
PDFNET-38732 SVG to PDF conversion adds some random lines in output PDF Bug
PDFNET-38816 SVG to PDF conversion renders incorrect document Bug
PDFNET-39005 TextFragment HorizontalAlignment Justify now working Bug
PDFNET-39072 PDF to HTML - Text is not properly being rendered (character overwrite) Bug
PDFNET-39164 SVG to PDF - Resultant PDF appears blank Bug
PDFNET-40039 PCL to PDF: resultant PDF document missing the text Bug
PDFNET-40943 PCL to PDF conversion throws SystemException Bug
PDFNET-42585 Cannot retrieve TextField Value Bug
PDFNET-42808 When PDF is converted to Word document, hyperlink is lost. Bug
PDFNET-42937 Redacted Text causes the formatting of the document to change Bug
PDFNET-43066 Scanned PDF to Excel - resultant file is empty Bug
PDFNET-43374 PCL to PDF - An unhandled exception of type ' ' occurred in Aspose.Pdf.dll Bug
PDFNET-44170 PCL to PDF conversion fails Bug
PDFNET-45283 Aspose.Pdf 18.8 Aspose.Pdf.Metadata always contains String type XmpValue records Bug
PDFNET-45519 Textbox field content isn’t displayed in the output PDF form Bug
PDFNET-45640 PCL to PDF - output PDF document is not correct Bug
PDFNET-46015 Aspose.Pdf 19.1: Error converting RTL HTML to PDF Bug
PDFNET-46239 PCL to PDF - output PDF has wrong Fonts layout Bug
PDFNET-46264 XLSX output does not match the source table Bug
PDFNET-46579 Images are placed to resources twice Bug
PDFNET-46870 Exception when saving EPUB into HTML Bug
PDFNET-46934 The character encoding declaration of the HTML document was not found when
prescanning the first 1024 bytes of the file
PDFNET-46935 Incorrect font used when viewing output HTML in Chrome Bug
PDFNET-47095 PDF to PPTX - Chart Labels are missing in output Bug
PDFNET-47125 NullReferenceException will occur when saving PDF Bug
PDFNET-47165 Aspose.Pdf 19.10: Cross-reference table or cross-reference stream not found exception
thrown when converting a particular PDF to image
PDFNET-47195 Aspose.PDF 19.9: Exception when try to load a particular LaTeX (.tex) file Bug
PDFNET-47196 PCL to PDF - System.SystemException: ‘Font Line Printer is absent.’ Bug
PDFNET-47197 PCL to PDF - ‘The method or operation is not implemented.’ Bug
PDFNET-47228 PDF to Word - System.ArgumentNullException exception occurs Bug
PDFNET-47246 Exception when accessing page annotations of PDF document with 3D object Bug
PDFNET-47381 License file reports System.InvalidOperationException: The license is not valid for this product Bug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

  • Property Aspose.Pdf.Optimization.OptimizationOptions.SubsetFonts