Aspose.PDF for .NET 20.1 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-42062 HTML to PDF: inline SVG image is not rendering Enhancement
PDFNET-47419 Clarification required on Image Delete Mechanism in the API Enhancement
PDFNET-43638 Extracting the text content from stamp annotation Enhancement
PDFNET-33628 Unknown image type : Jpeg exception is occurring when trying to add 8 BPP JPG to PDF Bug
PDFNET-34282 OutOfMemoryException is occurring during HTML to PDF conversion Bug
PDFNET-35760 HTML to PDF- contents are appearing twice Bug
PDFNET-36509 HTML to PDF - Formatting issues in resultant file Bug
PDFNET-37123 HTML to PDF - ArgumentNullException is occurring Bug
PDFNET-37213 HTML to PDF - Anchor tag is not being honored Bug
PDFNET-37505 PDF to HML - NullReferenceException during conversion Bug
PDFNET-37697 HTML to PDF - Resultant file is blank Bug
PDFNET-38093 HTML to PDF: Tables are incorrectly rendered Bug
PDFNET-38202 Html to PDF conversion throws OutOfMemoryException Bug
PDFNET-38482 HTML to PDF conversion throws IndexOutOfRangeException Bug
PDFNET-39625 PDF to Image conversion throws NullReferenceException Bug
PDFNET-39941 SVG to PDF:Base 64 image is not rendering in resultant PDF Bug
PDFNET-40480 PDF to PNG: conversion throws NullReferenceException Bug
PDFNET-40508 HTML to PDF - Exception during conversion Bug
PDFNET-40604 PDF to PDFA throws OutOfMemoryException Bug
PDFNET-40728 Specific page extraction throws NullReference Exception Bug
PDFNET-42110 Unable to convert page to HTML and save it to stream. Bug
PDFNET-44264 NullReference exception on flattening annotation Bug
PDFNET-44934 PCL to PDF - Program hangs keeps running without generating file Bug
PDFNET-44958 Colspan Column Text is being duplicated in case of wide table Bug
PDFNET-44982 XmlException on PDF to HTML Bug
PDFNET-45575 API is taking more time to fill form fields Bug
PDFNET-45928 An exception occurs when reading a document with redaction
annotation and popup annotation
PDFNET-46564 System.NullReferenceException occured after Hocr conversion in save method Bug
PDFNET-46890 An issue with conversion PDF into HTML with missing font Bug
PDFNET-46933 Exception CrossTableNotFoundException while getting the page Bug
PDFNET-46938 NullReferenceException on parsing annotation with 3D content Bug
PDFNET-47091 Problem converting PDF to HTML Bug
PDFNET-47181 PDF to DOC font are saved incorrectly Bug
PDFNET-47193 PDF to HTML gives incorrect characters Bug
PDFNET-47231 HTML to PDF links issue Bug
PDFNET-47246 Exception when accessing page annotations of PDF document with 3D object Bug
PDFNET-47340 Import from XFDF issue Bug
PDFNET-47342 Exception when opening LaTeX file Bug
PDFNET-47353 Exception when saving PDF into HTML Bug
PDFNET-47355 PDF to DOC - StackOverFlow Exception occurs Bug
PDFNET-47378 NullPointerException Since 19.8 version Bug
PDFNET-47439 Unable to cast object exception when opening PCL file Bug
PDFNET-47444 TOC pages order backward Bug
PDFNET-43324 Cannot add hyperlink to Non-keyboard special characters Bug
PDFNET-43289 PDF to XLS - Problem During Load Bug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

  • Enumeration Aspose.Pdf.ImageDeleteAction
  • Enumeration member Aspose.Pdf.ImageDeleteAction.None
  • Enumeration member Aspose.Pdf.ImageDeleteAction.ForceDelete
  • Enumeration member Aspose.Pdf.ImageDeleteAction.Check
  • Method Aspose.Pdf.XImageCollection.Delete(System.Int32,Aspose.Pdf.ImageDeleteAction)
  • Method Aspose.Pdf.XImageCollection.Delete(System.String,Aspose.Pdf.ImageDeleteAction)
  • Property Aspose.Pdf.Form.AutoRecalculate