Aspose.PDF for .NET 20.6 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
PDFNET-40179 PDF to HTML - Causes bold text to blur on iOS (double text overlay offset) Bug
PDFNET-42744 Invalid signature error on concatenating two PDFs Bug
PDFNET-44265 StackOverflow exception while retrieving contents Bug
PDFNET-45008 Problem converting XFA to Standard form Bug
PDFNET-46607 After conversion to HTML, copy-paste to editor doesn’t look like in the output file Bug
PDFNET-47569 Concatenating Tagged PDF does not copy alternative text from the second PDF file Bug
PDFNET-47767 Abnormalities while generating PDF/X-1a documents Bug
PDFNET-48009 PDF to HTML - Unable to change margins Bug
PDFNET-48047 PDF file not properly converted to DOCX Bug
PDFNET-48110 Aspose.Pdf 20.4: Exception is thrown when extracting document outlines Bug
PDFNET-48114 Unable to load shared library ‘gdi32.dll’ or one of its dependencies when opening TEX file on Linux Bug
PDFNET-48122 Optimizing of extracted pages set text invisible Bug
PDFNET-48123 Optimizing of extracted pages losses images Bug
PDFNET-48124 Optimizing of extracted pages losses background Bug
PDFNET-48125 Optimizing of extracted pages substitutes the font Bug
PDFNET-48134 DocumentInfo[“KeyName”] returns null when value is not string Bug
PDFNET-48194 Aspose.Pdf 20.5: object reference null exception in text absorber Bug