Convert PDF to PowerPoint PPTX

We have an API named Aspose.Slides which offers the feature to create as well as manipulate PPT/PPTX presentations. This API also provides the feature to convert PPT/PPTX files to PDF format. Recently we received requirements from many of our customers to support the capability of PDF transformation to PPTX format. Starting release of Aspose.PDF for .NET 10.3.0, we have introduced a feature to transform PDF documents to PPTX format. During this conversion, the individual pages of the PDF file are converted to separate slides in the PPTX file.

During PDF to PPTX conversion, the text is rendered as Text where you can select/update it. Please note that in order to convert PDF files to PPTX format, Aspose.PDF provides a class named PptxSaveOptions. An object of the PptxSaveOptions class is passed as a second argument to the Document.Save(..) method. The following code snippet shows the process for converting PDF files into PPTX format.

PDF to PPTX using .NET

In order to convert PDF to PPTX, use the following code steps.

  1. Create an instance of Document class
  2. Create an instance of PptxSaveOptions class
  3. Use the Save method of the Document object to save the PDF as PPTX

Convert PDF to PPTX with Slides as Images

In case if you need to convert a searchable PDF to PPTX as images instead of selectable text, Aspose.PDF provides such a feature via Aspose.Pdf.PptxSaveOptions class. To achieve this, set property SlidesAsImages of PptxSaveOptios class to ‘true’ as shown in the following code sample.

Progress Detail of PPTX Conversion

Aspose.PDF for .NET lets you track the progress of PDF to PPTX conversion. The Aspose.Pdf.PptxSaveOptions class provides CustomProgressHandler property that can be specified to a custom method for tracking the progress of conversion as shown in the following code sample.

Following is the custom method for displaying progress conversion.