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Supported File Formats

PUBDefault file format for saving Microsoft Publisher electronic publication files.tick 
PDFSaves the document as PDF (Adobe Portable Document) format tick
TIFFSaves the document as TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) format tick
PNGSaves the document as PNG (Portable Network Graphics) formattick
JPEGSaves the document as JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) formattick
GIFSaves the document as GiF (Graphics Interchange Format)tick
BMPSaves the document as BMP (Bitmap) image formattick
DOC/DOCXFormat of MS WORD filestick
XLS/XLXLFormat of files made in MS Exceltick
CSVComma-separated values (CSV) text file formattick
PPTXMS PowerPoint open XML presentation file formattick
XPSXML Paper Specification file formattick
EPUBSaves the document as EPUB (Electronic Publication) formattick
TEXSaves the document as TEX filetick
HTML/MHTMLHyperText Markup Language formattick
SVGScalable Vector Graphics formattick
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