Frequently Asked Questions | Aspose.PUB for .NET

Q: Can you provide examples of common tasks that Aspose.PUB API Solution can accomplish?

A: API Solution designed for the seamless manipulation of PUB files. It lets load, view, merge and convert .pub format files into PDFs without any additional software dependencies.

Q: What formats does Aspose.PUB support?

A: Aspose.PUB supports .pub as input and PDF format as output.

Q: How to convert files within Aspose.PUB?

A: Conversion process is very simple. You need to take only a few steps!

  1. Load PUB file using CreateParser() method.
  2. Parse file by means of Parse() method of IPubParser Interface.
  3. Convert PUB to PDF via ConvertToPdf() method of IPdfConverter Interface.

For more examples, please visit Convertion guides.

Q: Can developers use Aspose.PUB API Solution to manipulate metadata of .pub files?

A: Yes, developers can programmatically parse and edit metadata of .pub files with this API Solution.

Q:Can I convert PDF to PUB with this API?

A: As far as it known there are no converters or the functionality to transform PDF to PUB which is due to the structure of these files.

Q: How can you transfer the content of a PDF to PUB file?

A: There are some ways to get the content to a .pub file:

Q: How to install Aspose.PUB Package from Nuget?

A: Open the NuGet package manager, search for Aspose.PUB, and install it. You may also use the following command from the Package Manager Console:

1    PM> Install-Package Aspose.PUB

Q: Where can I learn more about the MS Publisher?

A: Go to Introduction to MS Publisher chapter which is a complete and resourceful knowledge base about MS Publisher, .pub file usage, and troubleshooting with issues.

Q: Can I try the Solution before purchasing it?

A: Yes, you can easily download Aspose.PUB product for evaluation purposes. Evaluation version of Aspose.PUB (without a license specified) provides full product functionality except for some evaluation limitations.

If you want to try Aspose.PUB out without evaluation limitations, request a 30-day temporary license.

Q: Where can I get help if there are any issues with the Solution faced?

A: Check the Aspose Forum for answers or add a new topic with your issue if you did not find the one suitable for your problem.

Q: How does Aspose.PUB API Solution ensure cross-platform compatibility?

A: Aspose.PUB API Solution is designed to be platform-independent, allowing developers to build functionalities that work consistently across different operating systems and environments.

Q: Where can I see the functionality of this API Solution implemented in web applications?

A: Check our web solutions to convert, view, and merge .pub files and crop and work with .pub metadata. They are the brightest examples you can use the API for developing your own products.

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