Access Properties of Protected Presentation using Aspose.Slides

Aspose.Slides - Access Properties of Protected Presentation

Aspose.Slides for Java provides facility to access the Document Properties of the presentation in password protected presentation without supplying password using Presentation class. It offers few overloaded constructors and we can make use of one of the suitable constructors of Presentation class to create its object based on an existing presentation.In the example given below, we are accessing the Document Properties of a password protected presentation. We will using LoadOptions class object to set the presentation access properties.


 //Accessing the Document Properties of a Password Protected Presentation without Password

//creating instance of load options to set the presentation access password

com.aspose.slides.LoadOptions loadOptions = new com.aspose.slides.LoadOptions();

//Setting the access password to null

loadOptions.setPassword (null);

//Setting the access to document properties

loadOptions.setOnlyLoadDocumentProperties (true);

//Opening the presentation file by passing the file path and load options to the constructor of Presentation class

Presentation pres = new Presentation(dataDir + "AsposeProtection-PropAccess.pptx", loadOptions);

//Getting Document Properties

IDocumentProperties docProps = pres.getDocumentProperties();

System.out.println("Properties Count: " + docProps.getCount());

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