Aspose.Slides for Java 18.10 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESJAVA-37323  Compatibility of Java 11 in Aspose.Slides  Feature 
SLIDESJAVA-37004  Compatibility of Java 10 in Aspose.Slides  Investigation 
SLIDESJAVA-37101  Uknown Field type returned for Field  Enhancement 
SLIDESJAVA-37134  Use Aspose.Slides for Net 18.10 features  Enhancement 
SLIDESNET-37354  Support for rendering shape Soft Edges (EffectFormat) effect  New Feature 
SLIDESNET-40366  Turning off update automatically option for Date time in ppt while converting to PDF  Enhancement 
SLIDESNET-40544  Connector fails to draw in straight line  Enhancement 
SLIDESJAVA-35696  Ppt document failed to load  Bug 
SLIDESJAVA-35894  Exception on loading pptx  Bug 
SLIDESJAVA-37011  OutOfMemory is thrown for converting to PDF  Bug 
SLIDESJAVA-37311  Connector draws wrong  Bug 
SLIDESJAVA-37322  Slide not properly rendered  Bug 
SLIDESJAVA-37329  Empty table cells return 0 portion  Bug 
SLIDESJAVA-37332  Charts are missing in exported PDF Bug 

Public API Changes

No change